away for the weekend: farmhouse flowers

Thursday, August 30, 2012

farmhouse flowers

Summers are short in Vermont
Which is why it always struck me a little funny that there are so many beautiful flower gardens
Farmhouse flower gardens
But then, maybe the short summers are the reason for it...

- Cheery splashes of color against a white farmhouse -

- and flowers along a fence -

- and then -
this one stopped me dead in my tracks!

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  1. What beautiful gardens...and unexpected. Very beautiful.

  2. That windowbox is certainly lush with flowers - lovely!
    OMGosh - LOVE the barn and flower garden - rural beauty at its best!

  3. I think we who live with short growing seasons might appreciate flowers a we make pretty gardens. :)

  4. Look at all the colors! Love it! I've been wanting to build some planters for my windows along the front of my house, but I'm debating on the best material to use... wood rots too quickly, I'm not sure plastic will hold the weight & metal will rust... I'll figure out something & can't wait for the flowers to liven up the place! LoL! =)

  5. Such beautiful colors -- love the unplanned look to all of these. :)

  6. Such lovely flower gardens!


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