away for the weekend: cycling through cavendish

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

cycling through cavendish

Views from Cavendish - Part 2

As I mentioned earlier this week, Greg and I managed to get out on our bikes for a ride through the countryside.
The sky was overcast, threatening rain.
We headed out anyway...

This sugar shack was one of my first stops.
There are lots of little shacks like these tucked throughout the Vermont countryside, and I'm a bit fascinated with them - which I'm sure has nothing to do with loving just about anything maple.
This one has a little stone structure underneath which I'd never seen before.

Well, hello there!
Snort, snort, oink!

The ride began with an eight-mile climb
- which didn't seem like much of a climb - even to me.
I suppose that might have had something to do with all the photo stops...

I'm really not sure what this building is
- but it sure is charming.
Most definitely worthy of another stop.

and then, ofcourse, farmhouse porches need a closer look...
I really love the bicycle / planter out front!

When we arrived at the little village of Reading, we bought some sandwiches and found a picnic table outside the town library.

But then, it started to sprinkle
 - and thunder.

Good thing the library had a covered porch, too.
I thought we could just stay there, but Greg thought otherwise.
Yep - we got soaked!!
And, as we were riding through the pouring rain and I was praying for shelter,
a man stepped out of a barn, waving to us.
"Come inside, get out of the rain!"

My camera was tucked away and I forgot to take pictures!!!
We chatted with the man and his friend for a while,
letting the worst of the rain pass by.They offered us beer and a place to sit - which we politely declined as we had another ten miles to ride.
- but -
Thank goodness for the kindess of strangers!

And this is Lucy,
another kind stranger who greeted us as I was taking photos.
She was just so sweet!

For the cyclists out there, I'm including the map for this very pretty ride.
Do you notice that downhill part after the climb? Weeeeeeee!!!

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  1. I know I wouldn't be able to finish a 10 mile bike ride (in the rain, no less), but I would have so enjoyed the scenery, the kindness of your "neighbors" and of course, Lucy. :)

  2. what a fun ride ~ meeting people, dogs, great buildings ~ and I love the pig photo ~ Great photography ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Bicycling country roads is a great way to see the scenery. These are great shots!

  4. Lots of things to see & lots of beauty up there, lovin Vermont! =)

  5. All your pictures look gorgeous! Would never finish up in the rain though ;)
    Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey

  6. The piggy's look like they want to be petted. They are cute!

  7. lovely area! those piggies are just very sweet. :)

  8. What a neat bike trip! You got some great pics.

  9. The little pig peeking through the fence is such a cute shot!
    I love that porch. To some it would be clutter but I love all there is to see.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. :)


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