away for the weekend: girls weekend in galena

Monday, August 6, 2012

girls weekend in galena

August already - I really can't believe how this summer is getting away from me!
I look forward to it every year - dreaming of lazy weekends and a slower pace
- and then I fill it with so many activities,
- summers wind up being anything but lazy and slow...

Last weekend I flew out to Illinois for "girls" weekend near Galena

a little sightseeing...

this barn just begs to have its picture taken!

a little r&r at the lake...

a drive through the countryside...

good food and wine...
and ofcourse, lots of laughs...

We visited Galena Cellars Winery 
and sampled several different wines

While my friends who didn't have to fly chose a few bottles to take home,

I roamed the grounds, enjoyed the beautiful scenery,
and created my own mementos to take home with me.

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  1. such great views. oh, i love the hay traveling down the road. that is fun. the barn is beautiful. love how they decorated the barn with flowers. what a beautiful countryside area. (:

  2. what a fun weekend and i agree, summer is just speeding by :( beautiful barns, that red one is awesome but my fave is the first!

  3. I LOVE of my fav getaway places...I can imagine the fun you must have had with your gal pals. Beautiful captures of a beautiful place!!

  4. Two wonderful barns. So different but each one charming. I looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends.

  5. Wow, wonderful series of the flower wagon in the first...then that sharp red dressed barn is fabulous.

  6. What a picturesque place! I feel relaxed just viewing your photos. Love the texture on the last one. Thanks for sharing these!

  7. I really like that first barn. The steps, the partial stone foundation and that wagon out front are beautiful!

  8. That sounds like my kind of weekend! There's a winery north of here that my sister has been trying to get me to visit for a couple years, now, & I just haven't taken the time... but, it's shaping up, now!
    Very beautiful barn

    Thanks a bunch for joining in on the Barn Charm fun! =)

  9. Sounds like fun. I know the photos are great! Love the barn with the flower filled wagon.

  10. Love the wagon filled with flowers and the barn. Beautiful!!

  11. I'm glad you took the time to photography the scenery.

  12. Wonderful shots. I love the skidsteer with the round bales of hay.
    Sounds like you had fun. B

  13. You picked a good week weather wise too♫ Finally not so hot...glad you had a nice time♪

  14. How nice to get away for the weekend.

    Funny how summer sounds slow and easy in our minds...but doesn't match with reality. :))

  15. I've never been to a winery. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  16. Beautiful series. I love the barn with the flower wagon out front.

  17. Oh I so ♥ going to is one of them I haven't went to. Just looks lovely!
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  18. Wonderfully creative photography and you sure are having a wonderful summer ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Two great barns. Love the red one!

  20. Your pictures turned out fantastic. Now I'm sorry that we didn't stop for the "To God Be The Glory" barn. It looks like we'll have to make it an annual trip.

    1. Sounds like a great idea to me!! Thanks for all the fun and laughs!


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