away for the weekend: mountain biking and blogging

Friday, June 7, 2013

mountain biking and blogging

Yes - it's Friday!
Time for 5 random or not-so-random things...

1) Mountain biking - two thumbs up!
I'd give it three if I had them
but - well - I don't (that would be odd)

2) I am really, really terrible at Google+
I apologize to anyone following along that way.
Seriously - I can't even remember to add my posts. let alone do some well deserved +1's.
 I promise to try harder...

3) I'm confused by the news that google reader is going away.
I know, this is old news, but then - I'm a procrastinator.
I follow all blogs - even non-blogger ones with GFC, and that's the way I like it.
Do I need to change?

4) I am making a conscious effort to stop using so many exclamation points in my comments!! Whenever I go back and re-read one, I'm shocked by all my shouting! Is there another way to express enthusiastic praise?!?
(okay - starting now)

5) The next comment I write on your blog that lacks exclamation points - 
please do not read in a bored monotone.
I'm not bored  - and I don't speak in a monotone.

That's it for me - work has been crazy and probably will remain so for the next few weeks. I'll try to keep up, but please forgive me if I can't.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
(no exclamation point, but I mean it enthusiastically)


  1. I like it when you leave exclamation marks in your comments on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you like mountain biking, I have riden some bumpy back roads in my time, it was great fun and good for the thighs. I cannot do +1G's, I tried it is like Facebook I just can't, I'll be interested if someone knows your ponder #3. I'm with Andy '!' are good.

  3. I don't like google much...I keep trying to figure it out, but I don't like having all my comments I make on everyone's blogs sent to my main google+ page. I think that is just downright weird. I don't think you ! too much!! I do it all the time.

  4. i have heard you need to move every one over to Bloglovin ... but i must admit it is even confusing me ... i enjoy change but yet things like that ... is so tough!! makes my brain hurt. ha. ha!! ( :

    have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! i love !!!!!! ... we must fixed your !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! ha. ha!!!!!!!!!! ha!!!!!!!!!!! big big hugs. !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay for the mountain biking being a hit. I had a feeling it would be.
    Funny about the !!. I think I use :) and xo too much.
    Google + has it's place. I think us mature bloggers are just not liking the fact this change is being forced upon us.

    Have a lovely weekend Karen. xo :) !!

  6. Lol over the comments. I have also procrastinated switching readers. But its on my list of must get dones.

  7. Well, I like !!! Nothing wrong with expressing our excitement, is there?

  8. Some say that we'll lost all the blogs we follow unless we migrate them to Bloglovin' and some say that we won't. I did it just to be on the safe side!

  9. Oh Karen Google+ confuses me and Did Nancy just call me Old:)?
    I love your comments I can always feel your enthusiasm and that makes me happy.
    Procrastinator here too:(
    Love the tree. B

  10. you have a wonderful weekend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. I love your humor and your enthusiasm !!!!!!!

  12. I have thought the same thing about the !'s! I always think my comments sound like I'm shouting, but they look so flat without them. I don't see !'s as a bad thing! I'm glad you like the mountain biking! We have most of the blogs we read on our sidebar so we don't lose them. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  13. LOL, Karen. I'm the same with the exclamations. Good for you and mountain biking. I'm reading blogs on Bloglovin now -- just in case everything disappears. Have a great weekend.

  14. Exclamation Points are Fine with me . . . and, Trust me - i am an enthusiastic reader.

    Crazy is the new marvelous . . .
    Love & Love,

  15. I like all the ! you use in your comments and I use them too!!! Go ahead and use all you want.
    I have procrastinated about moving the blogs I read too. I must get that done.
    Have a great weekend and I hope you get in some mountain biking!

  16. GFC is staying for now so you will still have the blog list on your dashboard. It is the google reader that is going away so if you use that you need to switch to another reader. I like bloglovin a lot.

  17. I joined bloglovin just in case the Blogger reading list goes away. So I've got both now. I just wanted a back-up.

    I find I use a lot of exclamation points in comments, too!!!! And then when I don't, I fear that I'll sound unenthusiastic. (I'm not unenthusiastic!!!!!)

    Glad you enjoyed the mountain biking--I love that photo. Looks so serene.

  18. totally laughing at the exclamation points! i am like that, too, and even worse with smiley faces. :)

    as for google reader, YES, switch! the day google announced they were shutting down reader, i switched to and haven't looked back. easy peasy to transfer as they're synched right now. other folks have used bloglovin and like it, too. either one will easily transfer your readership list.

  19. I'm with TexWisGirl, I'm laughing out loud at the !!!!!!!!!! :)
    I'm guilty of using them as well.
    I love feedly to read the blogs I follow!
    See there I go ;)

  20. Hi Karen, Just found your blog from Vicki's Life In My Empty Nest and love what I see. Clicked over to it because I liked the title, but am hooked because we love New England! Will enjoy going back and reading your earlier posts. Reminds me of the six weeks we spent in New England last summer. Have a great weekend. Sharon

  21. Your enthusiasm is felt even without the exclamation points! You crack me up! I struggle with Google + too. I love Google read and am bummed that it will be going away. On the recommendations of my Blogging From the Heart that I am taking they suggested Feedly. It is okay. I am sure I will adjust :) Have great adventures this weekend!!

  22. As someone who uses exclamation points all the time, I totally understand! I try to limit myself to at least one at the end of a sentence haha. I don't have Google + so I have no idea how it works. I'm fighting against it - I don't want another social media site to keep up with! A lot of bloggers that have moved their profiles to Google + can only accept comments on their blogs from someone with a Google + account, so now I'm limited on what I can comment on. I hate it when someone visits me and I want to return the favor but I can't comment to let them know I was there!

  23. Firstly, love that big old tree in your photo!
    I probably used too many exclamation marks as well.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe while biking.

  24. Glad you're loving the biking. You can use as many exclamation points as you want in my comments!!!!

  25. Lovely picture!

    I don't do the Google + thing either...can't be bothered. Glad you are enjoying the mountain biking.

  26. Number 2 and 3 scare me. I remember something about Google reader but forgot. I've tried Google + and failed completerly

  27. I am a long time Google user, but do not like their attitude when it comes to dropping things like Reader, or forcing things like Google+. I guess google+ has its place, but I just haven't found it!

  28. I can handle exclamation points.

  29. Yes, I tend to use exclamation points a lot!!! I don't consider it shouting, just lovingly praising!! I haven't done anything yet about joining any new reader. Guess I better think about it soon. Have fun biking!!

  30. Pretty scene of that big tree! I am a big abuser of exclamation points, too. I'm totally confused about the whole blog thing. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. Enjoy your weekend, hope you get to do more Mt. biking. xo

  31. Good Morning, I will try hard not to use exclamation points....I'm guilty also.
    I haven't mastered google plus and I also need to change to feedly for my reader list. Like you, I am slow to make the change.
    Wishing you a very nice weekend. Love the pretty photo today.

  32. The picture of the tree pulled me in from Nancy's Random 5, but you are hilarious.
    I use bloglovin and feedly and Google+, but I'm not really comfortable with G+ yet.
    I feel completely overloaded over there!!!
    New friend-
    Have a good weekend, Karen!

  33. I am also trying to break the exclamation mark habit...

  34. Yes indeed. I'm so out of date on all the new stuff and changes. I started blogging on eblog in 2007 a like the way it worked. And still use it. Or as they used to say "if it ain't broke don't fix it...:)

  35. oh my gosh, i am seriously laughing because i over-use exclamation points and feel if i don't use an exclamation point, then i just sound monotone too fact, i used that as my twitter profile haha!!! :D
    i'm a awful google+'er too :(

  36. I LOVE your posts! They are always so interesting written, so full of charm and color (like your flower boxes in the last post--which I forgot to add, are quite patriotic too!) Anyway, LOVE these Random 5. You have such a great flair with your turn of phrase. And I use exclamation points a lot too....I guess I'm scared someone won't get that I'm excited about what I am saying. :-) Have an amazing week! (Exclamation point) Don't work TOOOO hard! (Exclamation point)

  37. I don't know what's going on w/Google either, just because there are so many rumors. In any case, I'm following you on Bloglovin' now, just to be sure I'm still following if GFC goes away. :)

    I don't think I have an exclamation punctuation addiction, but I do have a smiley face addiction. :) See. ;)

    Glad you liked mountain biking, that's very cool!

  38. Wow...blogger should add an edit feature. Or maybe I should take the time to read my comments before pressing Publish. I meant INTERESTINGLY written! Geez! (By the way I am VERY non-savvy about Google+ and anything new they throw at us on the computer....just feel older and older as I fall behind!)

  39. hehe, I am also an over-user of the !!!! but as you said, how else do we express our over excitement!!

    I always enjoy your entries, especially these random 5's!!!!!! (Pun intended). hehehe

    I am also an over-user of hehehehe!

  40. Can't comment on google+ since I have never used it. I enjoy reading and commenting on blogs, but sometimes it is so hard to get time to leave comments on everyone's. I don't use a lot of ! points but that doesn't reflect a lack of enthusiasm either.

  41. I don't understand google plus either!

  42. We believe on words! I don’t like saying good bye to google reader… it was so wonderful help keep in touch with blog the simplest. Hope someone relish taking the path into nature (picture)

  43. Gosh, I think we came out of the same pod when it comes to "!'s and G+ ! I'm an FB gal all the way. I do post to G+ but that's it. I don't socialize there at all, 'cause I just dont "get it"!! And, well, those !'s, I can't live without them! :-) As far as Google Reader, I've been in mourning since the news hit. I can't believe they've pulled the rug out from underneath all our feet. The best replacement doesn't come close.

  44. The whole google thing is confusing to me. And when I click on someone's link and it takes me to G+ I usually can't even figure out how to access their blog or leave a comment.


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