away for the weekend: thankful

Thursday, December 7, 2017


"Look around, breathe in, and be thankful" - unknown

For the last three months that we've had our puppy, Chessie,
I have had early morning walk duty - my choice.
Most mornings, it's still dark when we venture out

Weekend mornings - Chessie seems to enjoy "sleeping in" as much as I do,
and we postpone our walk until the sun begins to rise
- and a paintbrush has splashed it's colors against the sky.

I am thankful for these early morning walks with my pup,
and the awe I feel at the beauty surrounding me.

I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday

Photo-challenge #23 - quote


  1. Worth getting up early to see this delicately beautiful sunrise sky - & enjoy time with Chessie!

  2. I’m an early riser, Karen, though unfortunately I don’t have a pup to walk. I just love to see light seeping into the dark sky and spreading a glow to the mountains. Enjoy those early morning puppy breaks (potty breaks??).

  3. Beautiful! Sun was really trying to grab your attention.

  4. Early morning is such a nice time. I enjoy it in the summertime, when I am off from teaching. During the cold months, I like to linger with some coffee! Thanks for linking up today and have a GREAT weekend!

  5. when i see this beauty i wonder why i sleep is the best time of day!!

    i would stick with mornings, this is definitely worth getting up for!!!

  6. Hello, lovely sunrise captures. I would prefer the early morning walk with Chessie too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. How very blessed you are. Have a great weekend.

  8. pups make every moment better

    ...and it's always good to take one of those moments to take beautiful shots like that for your friends :)

  9. Gorgeous morning! I wake early, but rarely go out and watch the sunrise. Maybe I need a puppy to get me outside!

  10. It’s really a beautiful dawn through the silhouette of trees and painted sky! Such walk sure to make the day wonderful and a pup is great companion to walk out. Our pup can’t make more than 200 meters

  11. There is nothing like a dog to get you out of bed early, but yes those moments are priceless.

  12. I do the same with my dog, Karen!
    We hit the road at about 5 am on weekdays, and I let her wake up on her own on the weekends (which is only about a half hour longer). I absolutely LOVE being outside when the city is so quiet, and especially now with all of the beautiful Christmas decorations.
    Have a wonderful week!


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