away for the weekend: scene and story - november

Sunday, December 3, 2017

scene and story - november

It was just one year ago - last Thanksgiving -
that Laura and Jeff announced an upcoming addition to our family.
A couple of months later, my niece and her husband made a similar announcement.

With much excitement and anticipation, we looked forward our holiday get-together
- two new babies for Thanksgiving dinner!

So - what do you get when you decide to photograph two babies propped in chair?
- two toppling tykes
- a gaggle of grownups with cameras
- a bunch of perfectly imperfect photos
- and a whole lot of laughs

I am still amazed - and dazed - at the whirlwind that was this past year
- and the wonderful way in which our family has morphed.

It's going to be a lot of fun watching these two cousins grow together
- and with any luck our next photo will include our third family addition,
- our labrador puppy -
yeah - adding an exuberant 50 pound pup to this shoot seemed a bit like a recipe for chaos
- and so - this was November in a nutshell.

I am joining Sarah and Leon for Scene and Story

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Oh, Karen, I love this shot so much! Those darling babies, both in motion, the expressions on their faces - sometimes you've just gotta go with the flow and love it! Wishing you and your family all the joy you can imagine with these two little ones. It's been so good having you with us for Scene & Story each month!

  2. Oh my! What fun! These two are such cuties! I miss having little ones in the family. Our youngest grandson is now four. It's was a different scene here with five grandsons ranging from four to fifteen!

  3. awwww, they are adorable!! next year, you wont be able to catch them for a photo. i see lot's of action in that one little foot!!!

  4. Little Dumplings of cuteness . . .
    Love, Love . . .
    Can’t wait to see the pup too . . .
    Thank you for visiting the Irish Garden House and your kind comment!

  5. You can't help but grin when you look at this shot. So much sweetness!

  6. Your granddaughter is getting so big already! Maybe by next year all will have a little bit more sit and stay ;)

  7. I love those cheeks. So cute and pudgy.

  8. What a wonderful shot! These two guys are so cute and it must have been such a joyful Thanksgiving with these two lovely additions to the family.

  9. I see you had the best of all Thanksgivings. Two new lives to celebrate!

  10. Nothing like having littles around during the holidays!

  11. "Perfectly imperfect", what a great phrase & perfectly describes these two sweet bundles being photographed!
    Can't help but smile & wish for a cuddle! I will have to go see my newest wee niece who's 8 weeks old today!

  12. Karen, they are absolutely precious!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead, my friend.

  13. what an adorable capture of these two little darlings! What a wonderful addition to your family!
    I am late posting this month as I have been away!


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