away for the weekend: quiet time

Thursday, December 28, 2017

quiet time

I had a wonderful time with my family, this Christmas

- and now that the festivities have ended,
I'm so very thankful that I work for a university that closes 
for the week between Christmas and the new year.
- for this quiet time -

I am joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday


  1. Hello, that is great you have the week off. Time to relax and enjoy the season. Cute puppy dog! I wish you and yours all the best in 2018, a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  2. it's nice to have a break isn't it? such a sweet pic!

  3. ...oh, how I love my quiet times!

  4. i am happy for you too karen, you need the rest!!

    and today's picture is perfect for this post!!!

  5. A very happy lady and a very happy dog. Happy New Year my friend!

  6. It really is wonderful to have some time off! Enjoy your week and Happy New Year!

  7. That's nice and sounds peaceful Christmas :)
    Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year


  8. That sounds wonderful, Karen!
    Enjoy every moment, and I wish all the very best things in the New Year.

  9. Your pup is growing! Glad you still have some time off. My 3 oldest Grands arrive tonight - they also have next week off (middle and high school). Wishing you much happiness and many adventures in 2018!


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