away for the weekend: photo favorites

Saturday, December 9, 2017

photo favorites

As I am planning my transition to a new blog,
I have been sorting through all my photos
I need some focus...

Fair warning - this is a long post (for me)
I thought about splitting it in two, but then thought
Nah, let's just go for the gusto

Some of my favorites photos - to be very frank - are terrible, in a technical sense.
But - they speak to me in one way or another

So - in no particular order -

Taken in Laura's hospital room with my iPhone - the lighting was horrendous!
This photo is a story in itself - and one I will never forget.
Auntie Maggie meets her newborn niece.

One of my early Vermont photos, and still one of my favorites -
This is Vermont - weathered sugar shack, rusty pickup truck and muted gray sky

Okay - yeah - I don't know. I don't even like the colors very well
- but, it's a path, and paths speak to me

A quiet afternoon - Greg with our infant granddaughter.
Enough said.

As it turns out - as much as I like snapping photos of barns,
I like old school houses even better.
Greg and I stumbled on this one room schoolhouse and returned to catch it in the early morning light. I goofed with the ISO, but tell myself that the added noise enhances the old-time feel.
I'm sticking with that...

Okay - so I don't even know these people
It was a relatively quiet day at the beach and I was watching the colorful kite
- then noticed the little girl - the joy in her arms, reaching for the kite

Taken with my iPhone - I love everything about this photo.
Attending my nephew's wedding, the sun setting beyond the trees cast a soft radiance.
Laura loves being a mother, and Ella is a happy baby - smiling at her dad, outside the frame.

Sooo - there you have it
 - these are my favorites and not necessarily my best -
The selection process wasn't easy - it would seem that I have a preference for soft lighting, quiet settings, and family scenes -
and - if you have been following me for any length of time,
you will probably remember me saying - more than once
well - time to learn...

If your photos have a theme, what would it be?

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Each photo tells a beautiful tale & I'd say you are well on the way to loving & 'doing' people!!
    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  2. Well I am not a photographer . . . so each/all, picture/pictures look wonderful to me.
    I like the family pictures, your captures . . . I will admit, difficult to catch the mood, look.

    I like a photo that tells a story . . .
    Like the little girl with her arms reaching upward . . .
    Very nice . . .

  3. I am far from a photographer, I am just a girl who loves to take pictures!!!! I believe pictures are moments. Moments in our lives that we need to record. I don't know anything about photography....I enjoyed all of your pictures, special moments and things that needed to
    be recorded!!! The second was a favorite!!!!

  4. I think my favorite photographs are the ones that grab my heart first and pull me in. Although there are some exceptions, perfect colors or compositions, the memory of when the photo is taken really does make me look at the image in a different light, turning an ok picture into a masterpiece. It looks like you have some masterpieces here. :)

  5. That one of Laura and Ella - The best!!! I love the path, colors and all, but then that's my "style". I think for me it is the photos that mean something to me: a place, a moment, a feeling. I can take pretty pictures, but often they don't mean anything to me, even if they are technically perfect.

  6. Karen, if they speak to you,, nothing else really matters, does it?
    This is such a wonderful selection, and I have truly enjoyed looking through all of them (three times!!!).
    Again, I think they are just beautiful.

  7. These are all beautiful, especially the sweet babe. I think if I had to have a theme - it would be all about the light. I have the same preferences as you do.

  8. a great series of photos...i love old schoolhouses too! sweet picture of mama and baby :)


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