away for the weekend: photo challenge #14 sun flare

Monday, February 27, 2017

photo challenge #14 sun flare

High atop a mountain
- amidst multi-million dollar vacation homes
- and the most spectacular view,
sits this ramshackle abode

no doubt, developers would love to raze this little gem
but here it remains - steadfast - a little piece of the real Vermont
 - with its own stories to tell

Next up - Faceless Self-Portrait
Ummmm - yeah - I'm really not sure when I'll get around to that one...

Have a great day!


  1. Good Morning, Karen. Beautiful photo for this challenge. Hope you have a nice start to the week.

  2. Beautiful sun flare! I hope this old building stands for a long time to come even if it is crumbling.

  3. I love seeing and photographing old buildings such as this. It always feels to me like they have stories to tell. And I can't wait to see your faceless self portrait!

  4. Development many a time rise from some destruction… I think the woods of the house can be reused. Splendid capture there

  5. oooooh it is a beauty!!! i am sure developers have tried to scoop it up - i hope the sun continues to shine brightly on it's face!!!

  6. I just love photographing buildings such as this.
    One cannot help but wonder about the stories behind them.

  7. Awesome picture. I always wonder when you see old places on hot property--you know builders are dying to get their hands on the land, but they can't!

  8. This structure must have a lot if stories if onoy it could tell them, but then you have told a story with its photo, Karen.

  9. I love sun flares! The old building has such character, great for photographing. If only the walls could talk...

  10. Great photo - quintessential Vermont!

  11. Old, abandoned houses always seem to tell a story.....Great shot! x K

  12. Hello Karen this is a really pretty shot from that angle capturing the sun flare through the sky!

  13. Since I live near the million dollar coast of Lake Michigan, I always applaud the families that keep their original cottages instead of bulldozing them down and building McMansions. There are already plenty of those that sit empty half the year.

  14. Bom dia, é uma excelente foto da belas casa para ferias de primavera que está a chegar, não me importava nada, se fosse minha.


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