away for the weekend: scene & story - february

Sunday, March 5, 2017

scene & story - february

February was...
Well, it was February

The month began as February should in New England
- cold and snowy
I took this photo at Rockport Harbor, early in the month
- a cold, blustery day - the kind of cold that stings - almost knocking the wind out of me.
The ocean was a bright deep blue, and the sky - painted with shades of pastel.
Gazing through my lens, I watched the couple on the breakwater,
envying their adventurous spirit.
It's too cold for me though - I'll scramble over those rocks another day.

Rockport is popular with tourists,
its beautiful harbor, quaint shops, and art galleries draw large crowds in the summer.
The colorful buoys tell another story
 - this is a working town with a working harbor.

It is the vast openness that is compelling me to take this photo, though.
The ocean never fails to draw me in,
reminding me - always - of my first sight of the Atlantic.
Nearly 16 years old, standing on the sand,
  utterly in awe - feeling so very, very small - insignificant.
I have never lost that sense of wonder
- and with this, I raise my camera,
attempting to capture this small moment in time.

I am joining Sarah and Leon for Scene and Story

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  1. This so easily could have been taken at my own beach and harbor. There is such a wonder and awe surrounding the water. I have been trying to decipher some of its meaning in my life lately. It is very complex.

  2. I absolutely live everythung about this.

  3. I have never been to rockport but would love to visit! What I love most about this image is the pale palette of the sky contrasting the deep, dark ocean! I grew up at the ocean, it is so familiar to me that I often forget how magnificent it really is!!

    It's a beautiful image and a great story!!

  4. What a wonderful view of the harbour with the sunlight shining on the rocks and the clouds moving in the blue of the sky. There is a very special feeling about being near the water. I love it too!

  5. Awesome capture at the scene and the sky is quite wondrous as well as the sea... Nice recalling your excitement of watching the ocean as teen

  6. for me it's the clouds. . .I'm a cloud lover

  7. Awesome expanse of sea and skies! It's the kind of view that I could gaze on for ages! Great scene and story!

  8. This image and your words stir up strange sensations in my chest. I share those feelings about the sea that you had as an almost-sixteen-year-old. Those words "vast openness" just do something to me. It's too cold for beach walking today, but I will be back there soon.

  9. Gorgeous photo! I would be one of the brave ones on the breakwater. I love the cold! Living inland my views of the vast waters of the ocean are few, but when I've been there I've stood in awe! To get my water fix I have to be satisfied with smaller bodies of water. They're beautiful also, but it's not the same!

  10. Gorgeous image! Holding on to our sense of wonder makes life magical. :)

  11. I love Rockport - such a pretty town, and so much more inviting "off" season! I particularly love the sky in this shot!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Rockport, and although cold now, I think it is even more beautiful in the off-season.
    There is a photographer there, whose work I just love. Andrew Borsari.
    Beautiful photographs, Karen.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. We will be visiting Rockport in June on a group day tour, so this post was timely for myself. Even though our visit will be brief, I am looking forward to checking out the town and the harbor. Of course, it will be much more crowded in summer time than now so i agree with an earlier comment that off-season travel is best.

  14. I remember the few times I've seen the ocean too...yes, it does leave you speechless...

  15. I love this scene... the colors, the breakwater. But I especially love all those buoys, empty of their boats. That speaks loudly of season, doesn't it? The boats are all gone, safely sheltered for the winter. I'd love to see the same scene in summertime, when the boats have returned.

  16. Such a beautiful photo Karen! I love
    Rockport. It is a wonderful little city


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