away for the weekend: scene & story - photo challenge #12 - something new

Sunday, February 5, 2017

scene & story - photo challenge #12 - something new

I promise - it's coincidental
- my weekly prompt (for the second time) is also my story for the month

- something new -

Once upon a time,
in the days of yore (some of you may remember),
a baby's gender was a great mystery until it was delivered,
and the doctor proclaimed "It's a ____!!"
- and long months of anticipation gave way to excited announcements,
spreading from hospital to family to friends - by word-of-mouth and telephone
- and this was the "gender reveal" of yesteryear

Skipping forward to modern times,
- January was the month for Jeff and Laura's gender reveal
- months before the baby is due
- and well -
the doctor's office lacks a bit of that old fashioned excitement - so...
a sealed envelope from the doctor was given to a friend
who wrapped a small gift to be opened at a family gathering
It's a girl!!!
 and a few short weeks of anticipation gave way to excited announcements
spreading on social media...
Ummm - yeah, it's a whole new world.

And while I may be a teensy bit amused by this whole new gender reveal thing,
it was actually a lot of fun
- and after Jeff recovered from his shock over the idea of a daughter,
his baby-to-be quickly became "Daddy's little girl"
Needless to say - boy or girl - we're all very excited
- and God willing, in a few short months, we will be holding this little bundle of joy.

I am joining Sarah and Lee
for Scene & Story

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. A sweet story about the new baby to be born! I rather liked not knowing so that it was a surprise on the actual day, but times change and we go with that too!

  2. How exciting! A little girl. What joy to be had! And how exciting for you as a grandmother-to-be. I must admit I don't know how I feel about these gender reveal parties. I knew ahead of time, but that was so I would know what clothes to buy, plus I felt she was a girl, I just wanted it confirmed. So happy to have you joining Scene & Story.

  3. That’s really sweet reveal! It’s something impossible here and the gender reveal happens only after birth and this is mainly to keep away the frustration which many latter generations held.

    Lovely photo on the yet to become mother and she holds the excitement in her face.

  4. I didn't know the gender of my 2nd child, but felt it was a boy. Surprised when SHE was born! lol This is a sweet picture.

  5. I gave birth in the "olden days," and it was a mystery right up until that moment in the delivery room. Newborn infant clothes were mostly gender neutral, and so was my nursery decor, which I made myself - I did say it was the olden days, right? I'm lucky enough to have a daughter...and a son...and both are a blessing! Congratulations, and may this little girl bring joy to you all.

  6. Congratulations and best wishes to the entire family, Karen. The arrival of a baby is such a special and treasured event as we well know!

  7. it's all so different but it is all so sweet!! here in these parts, we do cupcakes, you bite the cake, pink or blue is revealed inside. unless you are having twins, which no one knew and then there were both and a lot of confused faces!!

    congrats to all, such an exciting time and what a wonderful picture!!!

  8. Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family. Now the fun begins,the nursery colors and theme can be picked, dainty pink outfits can be bought... :)
    I am visiting from the Scene and Story link up.

  9. Congratulations and all my best wishes for your family. How exciting!
    When I was pregnant with my daughter we chose not to know the gender of the baby, and it wasn't that common at that time anyway. I suspected we would have a girl, but I was never sure of course until she was born. I found the not-knowing an important contribution to the miracle we received with the birth of our daughter.

  10. Congratulations to you and your family! What a joy! Looking forward to pictures after HER arrival. :)

  11. Congratulations to everyone, Karen!!
    What a truly exciting time.

  12. What a lovely moment! A girl! Congratulations! I didn't know with my first child (a girl), but knew with my second (a boy). I'll be truthful it didn't make a bit of difference that I knew! I felt the same thing at both births, overwhelming joy!

  13. Congratulations on your wonderful news! Blessings to you and your family.

  14. I actually sit and watch Gender reveals on u-tube when I need a smile....or a laugh! Congrats on the newest addition to your family! Visiting from Sarah's

  15. YAY!!! So exciting! I get a kick out of the fact that the gender reveal is now an event in itself. I can't imagine having to wait until delivery to find out the sex. How did people plan their nurseries or choose gifts for baby showers?

  16. Such delightful news! We chose to not know the gender of each of ours but makes life easier to plan when you know. Exciting times ahead. Six times we heard "It's a girl" amongst our eight - delighted each and every time!

  17. What a sweet story! The greatest possible "something new."

  18. How exciting for you all! Your daughter's face is aglow with love already! So very well captured, Karen!

  19. So happy for all of you! Your daughter is glowing. A baby girl is such a precious gift. A wonderful new chapter in all of your lives :) xx K

  20. Congratulations on a little girl. :) Yes, the times sure have changed. Even though the technology was there when I had my kids, we didn't want to know until he or she arrived. (vastly shes over the one he!)

  21. Our newest grandchild turned out to be two grandchildren...a boy and a girl. Already with two boys and one girl one of each was truly a shock...:)

  22. Oh how fun! I don't think knowing the gender in advance spoils the excitement and surprise at all. There will still be that first moment when her parents lay eyes on her and their world becomes all new. : )

  23. How wonderful! Happy for all; nothing sweeter than a baby girl/or boy. :)

    I never even thought about having a baby girl; the entire 9 months I just KNEW I was having a boy. But, when my sweet daughter was born, all I could think was "this is I wanted, exactly what I wanted"

  24. Lovely the way you did that 'reveal'.... great idea. Congratulations to all generations!!

  25. karen that is so exciting for you, and yes, that Gender Reveal is certainly so much different than the 'days of yore". Lovely post


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