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Friday, December 7, 2012

five on friday - more random thoughts

Random Thoughts

1) Winter is quickly coming to Vermont. I'm really hoping for a snowy one, but then, that probably falls into the category of

2) My next-door-neighbor goes all out with seasonal lawn decorations. While I don't share the same holiday style, I have to admit that their colorful lights are a cheery welcome when I drive home at night.

3) Which reminds me of a December afternoon 25 years ago. While I thought my 2-year-old was napping, I watched out my window feeling a bit dismayed over my neighbors setting up what I felt was an extremely tacky display. When I "woke" my daughter from her nap, she excitedly took me by the hand and led me to the window exclaiming -
"Mommy, mommy - the most byoooo-tiful thing!"
Ah, how differently the world looks through the eyes of children.

4) And how about online shopping - neat, huh?
The other morning I woke to the news report that three women in my town have been following the delivery truck and snatching packages off doorsteps. Really?!?!?!
Sigh - time for a little meditation -
Ohhmmm - most people are good, most people are good, most people are good...

5) Okay - faith in humanity restored.
I wish you all a very happy weekend and hope you find a little time to simply enjoy!

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. I saw on the news where folks were following the UPS truck and taking packages. One lady went so far as to take a bag of groceries that the homewoner had set out for charity!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful December weekend.

  2. Winter is slow coming here in Texas but early next week, we are supposed to finally have our first below freezing weather! Hoping it sticks around long enough to make it feel more Christmasy but we are talking Texas! so it will probably be back in the 70s before the week is over. lol. And really?! People stealing packages? wow, that is beyond words. Goodness!!
    Enjoy your weekend and please post pictures when it snows!

  3. I am hoping for a snowy winter as well! Although I think your chances of a snowy winter in Vermont are far greater than my chances of one here in Kentucky. But a guy can dream right?

  4. oh this is just your thoughts.... and your meditation..... so grateful most people are good...
    so sweet how your daughter saw beauty in the lights....and colour.... through the eyes of different from us as adults...

    thanks for playing 5 on friday...xo Kim

  5. What a nice uplifting post! I hope the meditation hoped restore you faith in humanity.

  6. wow. #4 is sad, although quite enterprising. :)

  7. Enjoyed your 5 facts, lovely thoughts !
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Fun 5 facts! Guess I'd better keep an eye out for the gifts I ordered! I'll try to remember your meditation when I need it! Have a nice weekend!

  9. Awww, I love #3. So sweet :) Kids really do see the world differently.

  10. I enjoyed your 5 facts, and what a gorgeous photo! I've heard about people following UPS's sad, isn't it? And yes, for kids, the louder and brighter the Christmas decorations, the better! :)

  11. Your daughters comment made me refocus and "polish me lenses" - something we barely understand or can put up with, is someone's elses treasure and delight - it's so easy to forget, thank you for writing it in such a "eatable" way! The holiday traditions vary a lot within families, and there's so many expectations we have around Christmas ... Being together, on one way or another, is more important than how the dinner is prepared. ((we all surely have our favorite ways of filling the turkey ;)

  12. I love Vermont and am so happy to find you! I have share your pain about the neighbor's decorations. We have new neighbors across the street and a couple of weeks ago I looked out to see one of those giant blow-up snowmen. I almost fainted.

    Happy Holidays!

  13. I'm assuming they caught the girls following the delivery truck? I hope they got everyone's packages back!


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