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Friday, December 14, 2012

five on friday - making me smile

 Five Things to Smile About

It's been a crazy-busy week at work, but as I take a moment to catch my breath, I realize that I managed to smile through most of it. Here is what's been making me smile.

1) Christmas wreaths on a beautifully ornate church door - I was out during lunch with big hopes for completing this week's Scavenger Hunt. Yeah, that's not happening - again...
But - this walk was a nice break, and definitely something to smile about.

2) Smiles - I had the pleasure of meeting with some really nice people. Their smiles make work so much nicer.

3) Christmas candy - Okay, so maybe it's a bit early to be smiling about this. I decided to get a jump on stocking stuffers, but then I also got a jump on eating them.

4) Sunshine - enough said.

5) Packages - I'm not a big fan of shopping, so I order most things online. Each package that arrives (and isn't stolen from my doorstep) makes me smile.

So what has you smiling this week?

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Smiles are infectious aren't they? A smile goes such a long way. If I can finally get some snow in these parts I will be smiling non-stop :) :)

  2. What a lovely post! I keep meaning to ride around town taking photos of pretty doors decorated for Christmas myself. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely and what beautiful wreaths, i love getting parcels through the post even if they are not for me. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting me..

  4. Lovely post, Karen, 5 things to smile about for sure !
    Nice weekend,

  5. love that doorway! read a quote this week that said something like, 'peace begins with a smile.' i liked that.

  6. The door wreath is a beauty. That's an idea for this weekend...a walk round town and some door photos.

  7. Those doors are gorgeous! The wreaths bring out their beauty. Smiles always make my day better! Even though most of mine are over the phone in my job, it's so nice to talk to friendly people :)

  8. Like you, the Christmas season has me smiling. I love the wreaths, the trees, the lights ... you name it. And even though I know what's coming, I always feel a sense of anticipation when the UPS or FedEx trucks come to our house!

  9. I love getting all the packages,'s like Christmas every day!

  10. Love getting those packages too! Who would have thought we'd have to make sure our orders don't get stolen from our own front porches!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  11. A Christmas card worthy shot. Thank you for your comment on Polonica: Home Again.

  12. Lovely post and five things. Our twinkly lights are making me smile now that we've finally gotten around to putting up the Christmas tree! Happy Christmas to you and your family.


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