away for the weekend: scene and story - october

Sunday, November 5, 2017

scene and story - october

man and his dog

Many years ago, riding in the car -
Greg, Maggie, and our old labrador, Lacey -
 - singing to the tunes on the radio (well, probably not Lacey)
"Now wait a minute Chester, you know, I'm a peaceful man"
Maggie: Chester! - we should name our next dog Chester
Greg: - Yes - the perfect name for a lab!
"Take a load off Fanny, take a load for free"...
(The Weight by The Band)
So, we waited several years, and finally have another dog -
always remembering about Chester

And now, October's scene and story is about Greg and our long awaited pup, Chessie -
hiking on a beautiful Vermont October day.
We're both smitten...

October - also - has been all about the fate of my blog
I know - it's been a long time since my last post...
I have lots of excuses -
too little time - lack of inspiration - poor internet connection...
yes - all of the above
- and -
none of the above

I am having an identity crisis of the blogging variety
- and yet, I am missing the creative outlet and interaction with my blog friends
In an email exchange, Sarah - Paisley Rain Boots,
gave me some fantastic advice:

"I guess my questions to you are what do you enjoy photographing?...
Looking back at the photographs you have taken in the last two years, 
pick out 3-5 favorites and really study them, why do you like them? 
Was it the subject, the light, the lines, the mood?"

This project is turning out to be both enlightening and fun -
(which I will share in a later post)
but also confirms for me that "away for the weekend" has run its course
so as I work towards my next project,
I plan to just keep on keeping on

Have you ever felt disconnected from your blog?
Thoughts? ideas?
I would love to hear from you!

I am joining Sarah and Leon for Scene and Story


  1. I can tell that Chessie is already a big part of your lives. What a lovely capture of Greg and Chessie on your hike in Vermont.
    I think that many bloggers have doubts at some time or another. I'm always very sad when blogs I love to follow just stop. We all make online friends through our blogs and sometimes just asking ourselves the right questions, like those suggested to you by Sarah, help us renew ourselves and take up things with renewed enthusiasm!

  2. i like sarah's advice, it is inspirational!! my blog is just the story of my life, so i can't disconnect from it!! my life inspires me to write in my blog and i do not take my blog too seriously. my pictures are light, fun, i don't worry too much about how they look. that's me!!

    i hope "run it's course" doesn't mean you won't be blogging anymore...i have always felt a deep connection with your blog...your words and images!!!

  3. Hi Karen, I’ll miss reading your blog and seeing your VT photos. As you know, I’ve stopped and restarted several times over the years. When I stop for what I think might be awhile, I always make my blog private. I’ve heard some stories (I don’t know their truth) about blogs being pirated. I hope to stay connected with you on IG at least. Sometimes, life just gets in the way and we need to take time for ourselves and recharge.

  4. Chessie is adorable. As for your blogging, just reading the comments ahead of this one, I can tell you have an audience. They enjoy what you have to say and your photography too. This makes me want to read more while I'm here.

  5. Things do tend to ebb and flow in our lives. There are things I used to spend a great deal of time doing that I no longer pursue, while others might go away for a while then pop up again. I've enjoyed getting to know you a bit through "Away for the Weekend" and your links to Scene & Story. If you step away from here, I hope you'll let us all know what you're doing and where else we can find you!

  6. Oh, that dog!! How much joy I can see in this image.

    Sarah gave you good advice. Yes, I have had "blog crisis" more than once. When I have them, usually my entire life is a bit in disorder. I also know that it will somehow go forward. Readers will leave and not come back, but the exchange with those that are genuine will remain.

    I am not very good at expressing my thoughts. Sorry. I wish I could be more precise.

  7. Wow! I had words of wisdom ;) I am glad that they have set you on a course, wherever it takes you. I have always connected with you because you are real, share from the heart, we both love the country life and photography and somebody that I would want to meet for coffee on a regular basis and go out on photo walks together (that we have to do yet). When I met you in real life, you were just as I expected you to be. It won't matter what name you blog under, we still want to read what you have to say and see your inspiring photography.

    I have started many blogs - one remains active but never updated, but many have come and been deleted within a few months, you just keep trying until you find what is right for you.

  8. Your Chessie looks a bit like my Charlie, an English Pointer. My blog crisis usually means too many things are getting in the life! lol

  9. What a wonderful picture of your Chessie! Blog crisis, YES! I have struggled with my blog all summer. The words just would not come! I couldn't even write the first sentence. Part of that struggle was due to how much I dislike summer's heat and found myself going outside less, which meant fewer pictures and nothing to write about. Since we've had a few cooler days, I'm feeling the urge to get out, take pictures, and write again. Hopefully I can blog a little more often. I always enjoy your blog posts and seeing the beautiful area you live in.

  10. Chessie is a great name for a puppy! I smiled when I read about singing in the car. It is usually my husband and I singing and my 16 year old wishing her parents weren't singing. :)
    Blog disconnection? Yes. I didn't blog for 4 months this past summer. I'm really not sure where I want to go with it. I like taking pictures and usually words come after I pick the picture for a blog post. I feel like I need more direction than that, but for now, I suppose, it is good enough. All I know is, I like the feeling of sharing pictures I love...and maybe it can be as simple as that.

  11. Oh lucky you, to have a new pup! Chessie looks to be a darling doggie friend!
    I sincerely hope you keep on blogging and sharing your natural 'joie de vivre' with us!

  12. Congratulations on adding Chessie to your family, Karen!!
    There truly is nothing quite like a dog in the family.

    I hope that feeling disconnected from here, does not mean that you won't be around at all. I surely would miss "seeing" you.

    I don't think I've ever really felt disconnected from my blog, at least not in the past several years. I think the reason (for me) is the fact that I learned early on, that if it ever feels like a job, or just another thing I "have" to do, then I shouldn't be doing it. So I post when I feel like it, and that works really well for me.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  13. Good to see you here. I've had times of rest from my blog. Lately I scrolled back through the posts of several years and it kind of saddened me that our posts are so short lived - we and our friends read them and then move on and the posts sit there - with nothing to do and no one to share with. I love that I have that history - but sometimes find it discouraging as to how much time and effort I put into it and how little it is viewed. It is a good reminder of where I've been and what we've done - wish there was a cheap way to keep all this for future generations - sort of like reading our great grandmother's old journals.

  14. It was nice to suddenly find this recent post, Karen, and yes like several other bloggers I have been checking regularly for any updates. As for blog "crises" I too can identify with what others have said. When we started our blog while living in VA we posted daily because we enjoyed sharing our new adventures and what we were doing. As the years passed, I became the main blogger because Grenville/Pat and posts became less frequent. That said, I still enjoy blogging, especially for the fellow bloggers, some of whom we have been fortunate to meet. There have been times when I haven't felt like doing a post for awhile, and found it's best to just go with how I'm feeling. I always seem to return. At some point in the near future, I may change the focus of our blog and start an entirely new one and maybe that's the direction you will take at some point.
    Thanks for haring your life and family in words and photos and it as nice to meet the newest family member, Chessie. We were in Killington, VT last weekend and the absence of leaf peeper crowds was wonderful. We truly enjoy the "off" seasons in New England!


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