away for the weekend: photo challenge #19 - shoes

Sunday, November 12, 2017

photo challenge #19 - shoes

Ummmm - yeah - about that photo challenge...
I left off with week 18 - "week off"
which, as it turns out - I truly excel at.
- I've done that prompt repeatedly for - oh, I don't know, lots of weeks...

So - in the spirit of keep on keeping on...
my prompt for this week - shoes

- or rather, a giant pile of ski boots
- Okay, so I'm really not much of a "shoe" person...
Driving down the road, this mound of boots,
(which is much larger than this photo suggests)
is one of those things that make me go "hmmmmm"

A friend once told me about visiting the shop next to this pile o' boots,
hoping to have a buckle repaired on her favorite ski boots.
The clerk explained that the newer boots no longer used the same buckle
- about to turn her away when he ran out to this pile -
and voila - a replacement buckle was found.

So - yeah - that is all I know about this mountain of boots,
except that every time I drive by, I kinda, sorta, wanta throw my old ones on top.

next up - Bokeh

Thanks for dropping in - I wish you a wonderful day!


  1. ooooh that is so interesting!! you are a rock start at taking a week off!!!

    have a wonderful sunday, it's so cold here!!!

  2. Such an interesting pile and this would definitely be one I would have used for a “Friday Funnies” post if I had seen it. Great that your friend’s boot coule be repaired from this pile.

  3. We always like stores that keep out of date supplies! That's how we keep our out of date equipment repaired. I like the pic!

  4. Now that's a whole lotta shoes!
    So nicely seen and captured.

  5. There are some pretty strange things out there, like a pile of boots, and hose strange things make great pictures! There was a tree near me that had tennis shoes hanging from it. People would just tie two shoes together and throw them over a limb. Sadly the tree is no longer there. I don't think I ever took a picture of it!


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