away for the weekend: photo challenge #15 - faceless self portrait

Sunday, March 12, 2017

photo challenge #15 - faceless self portrait

Plum Island - Massachusetts

After a couple of false starts,
I finally managed to get into a groove.
The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge covers a large portion of Plum Island.
Popular with bird watchers, I crossed paths with several photographers
carrying cameras sporting what looked like (to me) gazillion millimeter zoom lenses.
Yeah - don't mind me - I'm just here to shoot a selfie...

I was determined to do this challenge outdoors, though
- and was relieved to find a spot away from the other beach-goers
- a spot where I didn't feel completely self-conscious.
The real bonus - as someone who tends to frown at the camera -
shooting a faceless self-portrait is definitely the way to go!

Next up - Path

Have a great day!

Thanks for dropping in!

EF24-105mm F/4L IS USM
ISO 400
40 mm 1/2000 sec at f/6.3


  1. Good Morning, Karen. I love your photo. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Just did you set this one up, Karen.

    1. I used a tripod and then took a shot without me in it (trying to frame the shot and gauge focus) - then there was lots of running back and forth between my camera and the bench making adjustments - I used the 10 second timer on my camera (I don't have a remote shutter release)

  3. I am a huge fan of faceless self-portraits, always adds an air of mystery, which I love, and much easier to focus, than trying to get your face tack sharp. I definitely love doing portraits outside, and your's is perfect. You get more comfortable with a few people around the more you do it, and I feel I am providing entertainment for them ;)

  4. Trying something different is always interesting and you capture a thoughtful image and wonderful cover using your self! Nice

  5. it's an awesome capture karen, if selfies were like this, i would take them all the time!!!

    nice outfit!!!

  6. ha...that's the style of selfy that would work for me.

    (nice shot)

  7. Well done, Karen! What I really like about this is that you appear to be involved with the setting rather than posing for the camera. It makes me as the viewer feel that I'm there beside you, enjoying the sunshine and looking at the beautiful view.

  8. I love this photograph, Karen, and I love Plum Island too!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  9. This is a good photo. I love taking pictures, but am not much on having my own picture taken!

  10. Lovely portrait! You look like you're enjoying a few minutes of peace!

  11. Great job! Photographers rarely step in front of the camera, do they?

  12. Great shot, Karen, the light falls nicely on you and my gaze is drawn out to the beautiful blue seas with the direction of your gaze.
    Path sounds like a really fun challenge next!

  13. It truly looks like you are enjoying the views of the beautiful blue water, not self conscious about shooting a selfie. It is a great shot! I can imagine the view would be a little different today with the storm brewing up east, stay warm. :)

  14. Hello Karen, I think this is a great selfie shot. I like your view too. Have a happy day!

  15. Ah come on.... but it is a nice selfie anyway with a gorgeous setting...:)


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