away for the weekend: fences and fresh air - newburyport

Friday, April 24, 2015

fences and fresh air - newburyport

 Spring has sprung, here in the northeast
- and the first sunny weekend brought New Englanders out in droves
- I guess we were all feeling a little cabin fever...

Greg and I made a pit stop in Newburyport, Massachusetts
during a day of condo shopping -
Yep, last winter did us in
- we're trading in snow shoveling for snow shoeing!
(more downtime at Away)

Newburyport is a beautiful coastal town
with a waterside park and lots of restaurants and shops for poking around in.

Thank you for all your well-wishes for Laura.
She is doing well!

So now we're frantically cleaning, organizing, and decluttering - preparing our house for the market.
Definitely not on my list of fun things to do
- it's time to just git er done!

I am belatedly joining Theresa for Good Fences

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oh, my!!! i'm kinda sad but totally understand! love the pier and the loooong bench along it. :)

    1. Ooops! sorry for being confusing. We'll be keeping our weekends in Vermont - just moving from our city house to a condo. Still planning to be away for the weekend :-)

  2. Hello, wonderful photos. It looks like a nice place to spend time enjoying the outdoors.. Congrats on your new condo.. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  3. Selling a home and moving is so hard, but also can be energizing and a nice fresh start in a new location. Good luck!

  4. Good luck on the selling of your house. If I could stand living that close to people a condo, might be intriguing, but I want more space from them not less.

  5. Best of luck with selling the house!

  6. great fences. good luck with the move.

  7. Moving is a tough decision. It's too easy to stay in the same place. I need to declutter and I don't have to move.

  8. Good luck in finding your new home. Great shots!

  9. Exciting to make such a big change, Karen! Having prepared the Denver house for sale last fall, I know what you're experiencing. I'm glad Laura is recuperating - what a scare. I love all the action in your photos. Enjoy spring!

  10. I hope you get your home sold quickly. Lovely shots.

  11. Oh girl, I feel your pain! I need to get started on the de cluttering process but knowing me, I'll procrastinate and wait until we're actually moving. Eek. Best of luck with selling your house quickly and finding a condo. Love the photos of Newburyport. It looks like a fun place.
    So glad your daughter is doing well!

  12. move...never, i'm afraid!!! i like these every day images, especially #2!!!

  13. Such a pretty little town! Happy house hunting...hope the move goes smoothly. Lots of work ahead for you! Glad your daughter is better. xo K

  14. Wonderful photos from the port town... and interesting tone setting over there! Glad Laura is doing well :)

    All the best to you all

  15. Just stopping in to see how you are doing! Haven't seen you here for a while.

  16. Hope you and yours are doing well Karen and wishing you a nice Thanksgiving

  17. Hello Karen,
    I've missed you! Hope you are all doing well and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  18. hi! thanks for stopping in! hope you are well and happy and busy happy. :)


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