away for the weekend: brattleboro, vermont - our extended stay

Thursday, April 2, 2015

brattleboro, vermont - our extended stay

Home of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital -
which has felt a bit like a third home to us this week...
And while I love just about any excuse for extending our weekends in Vermont -

a daughter with a ruptured appendix - and emergency surgery
doesn't actually top my list.
Yeah - definitely not looking to repeat this one...
We're so thankful to have Laura on the mend, now.

I also felt very lucky to find a little time to roam around downtown Brattleboro
-  known simply as "Brat" -
Bordering New Hampshire and also very close to Massachusetts, 
this town is all Vermont - with a bit of a hippie vibe.

- lots of galleries, bookstores, cafes - 
and for coffee lovers - Mocha Joe's - a must stop

- old fashioned lamp posts and fences
- and how about a shot with triple fences!!

- and about a gazillion wires...
yeah - lots of wires - everywhere...

So, we're hoping to bring Laura home this weekend -
which would make for a very happy Easter in our home.
Otherwise - hmmmm - maybe ham at the hospital?

I am wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Glad your daughter is recovering . Vermont does seem like a nice place .. Places that have cafes and bookstores always top my list! :)

  2. Hello Karen, I am so happy your daughter is recovering and will be home for Easter! The town of "Brat" looks quaint. I would love the coffee shops.. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing! Have a great day! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. looks like a fun place to check out. we love anything Vermont. i guess that is one time that "Brat" is a good thing. ha. ha!! ( :

  4. So happy that she is on the mend, and that all went well! You will have a wonderful Easter together, no matter where it is. I do like this town very much, that is a treat to be able to see new places too, especially when they're this quaint and charming!

  5. old downtowns wick with history and emotion...sigh

  6. Hello Karen,
    Nice shots of all these cozy places.
    Well done!!

    Many greetings,

  7. oh, thanks for the fencery! (i'll link you in). so sorry for your daughter, but glad she is okay!!

  8. Happy your daughter is on the mend. Wonderful fence shots and nice shots of the area.

  9. Tell her no repeats on that but good thing she only has one appendix!! Beautiful pictures of the area!!

  10. So glad Laura is doing well and hoping she indeed gets home for Easter.
    Love the look of the town.
    The fences and lampposts compliment each other beautifully.
    Wires - always in the wrong place.:)

  11. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Burst appendix is a very serious situation. I hope she recuperates quickly.

  12. Nice sightseeing tour :)
    Hope your daughter gets well really soon
    and that you all can have a
    Happy Easter!

  13. So happy to hear your daughter is on the mend now & I do hope you get to bring her home for Easter.
    Wow that fence railing is pretty and quite ornate.
    Sounds like a charming place to visit.

  14. So glad that Laura is on the mend. How scary! I would like that coffee shop for a coffee shop chronicle :) Great area!

  15. glad you daughter is on the mend.

    pretty town is Brat. don'tcha just hate powerlines

  16. So glad your daughter is doing well. We do love Brattleboro.

  17. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery for your daughter. Happy Easter to you and yours- wherever you get to celebrate!

  18. Hope Laura feels comfort and quickly recovering! The wires everywhere interrupts... Glad you got to capture some interesting photos around the town.

  19. Oh my goodness! Not fun. I hope your daughter is better and y'all are home now.
    As always your pictures are beautiful.

  20. I am so glad that your daughter is on the mend! I'm sure this Easter must have been very special.....I do hope it was celebrated at home, although 'Brat' is a lovely place to stay!

  21. The title of your post caught my attention on another's blog...I grew up in Bratt until the summer between 7th/8th grade, then moved up the road to Chester! Many of my relatives still live in the area. I love visiting there when I am in the area. I just noticed your post before this one is about Landgrove...I spent my winter weekends working in a ski lodge there and skiing at Bromley! I will be following your blog...another way to stay in touch with my home state.
    Hope your daughter is doing well.

  22. Oh my! How frightening to have the medical emergency with your daughter, especially while away from home! Glad she's on the mend. Lovely pictures of an interesting town!

  23. oh my goodness! i am sorry about your daughter, hoping she is doing great now! scary!

  24. Hello Karen....nice to have found your blog through "Good Fences"....great triple fence photo.

  25. Hope your daughter is now back " in the pink". Scary stuff!


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