away for the weekend: landgrove, vermont

Saturday, March 28, 2015

landgrove, vermont

While driving through Landgrove, Vermont,
I spied this beautiful horse standing in a snowy field
- the white horse in the white field had such a dream-like quality

Me: Wow - white on white - that sure was pretty! - I wonder how it would look in a photo
Greg: Too bad you don't have your camera
Me: Ummm, I do - but what are the chances she'll still be in the same spot?

The chances? Yeah, pretty much zero...
But I did manage to catch this shy beauty's last glance before she hid behind the trees.
Note to self - always have camera ready when driving through Landgrove...

More snow this morning - but then, this is Vermont...
I'm pretty sure mud season is on its way - then maybe Spring flowers

I'm joining Eileen for Saturday's Critters
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow - amazing shot - almost like a fairy picture. I'm sure glad the horse stayed long enough for a photo. I keep my camera in my hand at all times in the car (since I'm not driving) because you never know what will be nearby.

  2. It is an awesome shot and a pretty horse.. I am glad it posed for you too! Thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  3. I can't tell you how many times I am driving and spot the perfect shot....and it doesn't happen. But you captured this sweet scene and a bonus is the headstones in the background.

  4. Looks like the horse is visiting an old cemetery! Have you skied this winter, Karen? Still lots of snow in Breckenridge. I'm hosting grandchildren on their spring breaks.

  5. what a beauty! at least a draft cross, if not full draft horse!

  6. Lovely photo of the beautiful horse.

  7. Two of my favorite things: Snow and horses. (Neither of which I've ever had but always wanted to).

  8. Wow ! What a sight to come across and beautiful photography of the beautiful horse!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. I'm surprised that the horse still has such a heavy coat . Nice photo though Of a horse in a peaceful mood.

  10. Oh I love this! It's such a beautiful shot. I never seem to have my camera when I see something really cool. Trying to get in a habit of carrying it with me.

  11. Nice to meet you, Karen! I grew up in Vermont, so I'm thrilled to have found your blog. Lovely shot of this beauty. She definitely has on her winter coat! I look forward to poking around your blog. Have a blessed day!

  12. Can I please just say how happy I am to see you again today?! Love the a little advice, when driving in the passenger seat, keep your camera on your lap and your zoomey lens in your cup holder, always!!

  13. What a beautiful horse, and this photograph is just wonderful!

  14. yes...pretty shot...and always have a camera

  15. Like an illustration from an expensive fairy tale book. :) Love it!
    My husband usually drives and I most always have my camera in my lap. Yes, chances happen. My hubby spotted eagles once and we had to find a place to make a u-turn to go back. I got my photo. :)

  16. Beautiful horse in the snow! Glad she waited till you dug your camera out so you could take the photo!


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