away for the weekend: hello, again!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

hello, again!!

it's been a long and snowy winter, here in Boston
and like a bear - I've been hibernating
okay - not really - wishful thinking...
but enough of my laziness
Spring is on the horizon - I hope...

and while I do love winter
- not to mention the snowy Vermont countryside -
the commuting scene in Boston was getting u-g-l-y
 So, it turns out that poorly maintained trains don't like snow - 
and cold, weary commuters like trains that show up -
Not a winning combination...
On the upside, though,
there was lots of bonding and commiseration happening at the water coolers

we've had some new visitors at Away
- the perfect motivation to dust off my horribly neglected camera -
and get back on the horse - so to speak

I'd like to give a giant thank you to all who emailed and messaged me during my absence
Thank you for your kind thoughts and patience!
All is well - I've missed you!!

I'm joining Theresa at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report
for Good Fences
- because you know how I love a good barnyard fence :-)


  1. Love that old weathered fence and the
    whole picture along with it :)
    And that little bird is cute :))
    Have a beautiful day

  2. You sure have it rough in your neck of the woods, and I hope spring finds you this very weekend. Lovely captures you've posted, as well as your photos on your blog header. Especially was that Maple Grove School? Nice setting for that one.

  3. Both are really stunning shots! Love the barnyard and the bird! Sorry you have been having such commuting issues. I know that winter is wearing on everyone's nerves right now in the midwest and northeast and I hope things are finally warming up!

  4. Super shots and welcome back! I hope spring will be arriving there soon.

  5. welcome back. This is a lovely barn adn fence shot as is the bird

  6. Beautiful snowy barn scene with the fence. Great shot of the darling bird.
    Happy Spring, CM

  7. glad to see you back. love your shots. really enjoy the birdie. ( :
    have a great week. so rainy here in VA.

  8. ohhhh how i have missed with and your lovely sense of humor!!! 2 beautiful pictures, i don't know how in the world to abandon a camera, i hold mine every single day, perhaps more than the hubs. YeP, more than the hubs!!!!!

  9. Great photo of the barn, partially framed by the foreground trees. I love the little bird in the snow too.

  10. hooray for your return to posting! i have appreciated when you stopped by and commented, but i love when you share here. the redpoll is gorgeous! barnyard, too!

    i can just imagine the cranky commute you've been dealing with! hope spring is springing there soon!

  11. So nice to see your lovely photos again! I have been active on Instagram lately and having lots of fun there. Would love to see you there!

  12. I am shocked but happy that you finally posted something to your blog. ;) I hope there will be more.

  13. I've been in Boston since the beginning of February, acting as nanny for my daughter as she returned to work from maternity leave. The good news about all the snow was that she had lots of snow days so she was able to ease back into a schedule. The bad news was that, on the days she went to work, the commute was terrible! Everyone wants excellent public transportation but no one wants to pay the taxes to make it happen!

  14. It's so nice to have you back. Gosh, you've been missed! Happy Spring, Karen.

  15. Love your barn photo so much and the bird is really great, too.

  16. Beautiful barn scene and that bird on the fence is so sweet looking. Fabulous shots.

  17. It's so good to see you; I have missed you. Such gorgeous shots of the barn and bird. I am sorry you have had such a hard winter but hopefully spring is going to refresh all of us...

  18. Very nice snowy, barn, yard, fence . . . and wonderful to catch up with you!
    Not sure how any of you have been able to manage YOUR Winter of 2014-15.
    Record books won't ever be able to capture the magnitude!

    Weather has been sort of unbelievable here too, but nothing like what you have had to endure.
    I must say, our travel weather south was the most brutal EVER . . .
    Bring on Springtime!

  19. Good to see you posting Karen. Two lovely shots and I love the Redpoll.

    Late and overcrowded trains .... I'm definitely glad I don't have to commute any more. Hope the weather improves quickly for you.

  20. Glad to see you in the stirrups again! Lovely photos from the survivor of the worst winter ever! Hopefully all that melting snow will bring some beautiful spring flowers. :-)

  21. Such a beautiful bird - we don't have those around here. It is so cute. I love the barnyard as well, very pretty.
    I hope that spring is on the way for you as well!

  22. Beautiful bird and red barn shot! I am so happy to see you back. I took a double take when you commented on my blog and thought, oh good she is back. :-))

  23. Well it is certainly nice to see you back. And it doesn't appear that your camera suffered any, because your images are so lovely. I am sure it was an absolute miserable winter for you going into Boston. I am not rubbing it in, but it is so good to be retired when winters like that come along. Welcome back and we both long for Spring!!

  24. Welcome back Karen, you were missed. Amen, to no more snow --I hope. Such a sweet birdie pic.

  25. Hi Karen, it was a wonderful surprise to see your name in my comment section today. Welcome back!
    Love the winter scene but your shot of the Redpoll is so clear and sharp - gorgeous!
    Again, it is GOOD to see you posting.

  26. Love both you photos here - you will be so pleased to finally have spring in your corner. The train situation doesn't sound at all good.

  27. love your beautiful images.

    welcome back.

  28. Karen - you're back. I'm glad to see your snowy images. I thought maybe you were buried in white there in Boston!


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