away for the weekend: lazy saturdays

Sunday, July 13, 2014

lazy saturdays

Our deck painting project seems to be putting a damper on our weekend adventures
- or rather, that would be Greg's deck painting project -
So far, I've managed to escape by heading to the farmer's market.

Anyway - last weekend after a morning of painting in the hot sun,
our Saturday afternoon conversation went something like:
"So - what would you like to do this afternoon>"
"I don't know - you?"
"I don't care - what do you have in mind?"
"Nothing, really - but I'll do something if you want to"

Sooooo... yeah... that went nowhere -
I started playing with the manual setting on my camera
and here is our lazy Saturday afternoon.

"Hello? Help? We have an uninvited visitor over here"

"What? Who - me?
Who says I'm not invited?

"hmmm Finches and Foxes -  Facebook update"

"Finches, Foxes, Facebook - whatever...
I found a sunny spot for my nap."

Yeah - I know - life on our side of the mountain is full of excitement.

Quick update at home:
Maggie has made it to Northern Maine and is somewhere in the "100 mile wilderness".
We hope she will make it to Mount Katahdin (end of the AT) sometime this week.
With any luck she'll be home by Friday - because
Laura and her fiance, Jeff, are having their engagement party next weekend.
And so, summer flies by.

How is your summer going so far?


  1. How awesome for Maggie to have "almost" completed this adventure! It will be nice to have her back, especially for the party. Love your random candid photos from the weekend. I would run away to the farmer's market as well.

  2. oh, you have very cool visitors! and hooray for your hiking daughter, reaching the end of the line - just in time for another daughter's celebration! :)

  3. Perhaps your visitors heard you needed a little excitement, something to share with your blogging friends!! We have the same conversations in my house.....if I don't decide what we are doing, we usually do nothing!! And don't get me started on the "where do you want to eat dinner" conversations, we can dance that dance for hours. Too many I don't cares and I'll eat anywhere to count. It's exhausting!!

  4. Nice visitors you had, great photos of a lazy Saturday. It seems impossible to ask hubby what he wants to do on a weekend. He usually likes to paint and well I just end up puttering around the house. Have a great time at the engagement party.

  5. That tiny finch is a cutie. We live in a condo so the deck painting we don't miss:)

  6. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me! You and your husband's conversation reminded me of my best friend and me as teens. We'd spend hours doing that what do you want to do? - I don't know, what do you want to do? back and forth. Wonderful lazy days. Your fox is gorgeous! (I can't believe your daughter's already in Maine!)

  7. Summer is great! You know what I'm doing? Painting!

  8. Oh, I can relate to the "what do you want to do today" story. Way too many weekends are spent doing nothing. At least you were productive with some beautiful photography!

  9. Quiet weekends are sometimes the best. You certainly had some great visitors! I would LOVE to get a photo of a fox.

    Congrats to your daughter for nearing the end of an awesome adventure! And congrats to your other daughter on her engagement. :-)

  10. Lazy, unplanned days sometimes just have to be . . .
    Nice photos of the Purple Finch and the Fox . . .
    And happy news about your dynamo hiker . . .
    Hope she arrives in time for the party . . .

  11. Nice to have all of theses wonderful creatures close by. PS: We must be related. Me and my wife have the same conversation as you and Greg. :)

  12. Too funny, we have conversations like that all the time...

  13. Karen,

    Summer is flying by; it's amazing how fast.
    I really like the finch and fox pictures. Neat captures. Oh the lazy days of sitting on the deck and seeing our 4-legged friends nap in the sunbeam. Makes me smile.

    Have a fabulous week!

  14. oh love the photos of your lazy saturday! and great timing by your daughter....ahhh summer is flying by here :(

  15. It's good to just rest (and watch the wildlife) sometimes. Glad Maggie will soon complete her trek. I'm trying to slow summer down.

  16. Ah, Karen, you are doing what I love to do...sit and watch the critters and hopefully get a great picture of them. I really need to take a class on my camera. Your pictures are lovely. Hope your daughter makes it home soon. What an Adventure! As for summer, it is zipping by. I'm not sure what I think about that. Sigh.

  17. What better way to spend a weekend??? We all rush about plenty throughout the week..awesome to take the odd weekend to just sort of relax and fiddle with the manual settings on your camera!!! Ha ha! Enjoy that engagement party:)

  18. Sometimes those lazy unplanned days are the best. And soooo glad to hear that Maggie will be home soon. It will take some worry off your shoulders!!

  19. Really superb series with conversation… enjoyed reading and watching the photos. Great visitors and you captured them lovely to remember :)

    Have wonderful and fun family occasion Karen

  20. Looks like a super weekend to me! We've been painting our concrete porch and carport. Ahem...Mark has been painting..I've been watching. I'm glad Maggie will be home soon. Here comes another weekend- have a great one!

  21. Our summer is going great, as always, and while we also have house projects we have made weekend time for getaways and of course sometimes mid-week as well cause retirement does mean no schedules 😏

  22. Lovely series of pictures.

  23. wow, you have all sorts of creatures running around your place. so cool!! love the fox. ( :

  24. Love the views from your backyard! The fox looks like he's up to no good :)

  25. have had that conversation a few times :-), handsome man on your deck, plus you had a handsome fox in your backyard, how cool (if you don't have chickens), your daughters hike must soon be ending no? and an engagement party how exciting!!!

  26. hey....your away too long!!!!

  27. i was happy to see your comment today! was hoping you updated...dang, this is one long weekend!!! :)


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