away for the weekend: fences and ramblings

Thursday, July 10, 2014

fences and ramblings

So - I think I have a case of blogger's block -
which started when work got crazy, and all I did in the evening was veg 
- and pin...
Yeah, pinning is kind of mindless
- like - Ooooo, pretty picture (pin)
Well - except for having to choose a board to pin it on
Oh yeah, hard work, that...

Anyway, work is back to normal :-)
and I'm still pinning lots and lots of pretty pictures -
and I have blogger's block

So - I did manage to break away from Pinterest long enough for a bike ride with Greg

rolling through the Vermont countryside

hills, barns, fences, marble...

did I mention hills? - Yeah, lots of hills...

And - what is up with Feedly?
I logged in one day and my app didn't work.
- Nothing -
And then, since I'm so very patient with all things technical,
I deleted it and said -
well, it doesn't matter what I said -
So anyway, now I'm trying to get my feed set up on Bloglovin'
and I'm so very sorry if I haven't visited you in a while.
I should probably find a chapter of Pinner's Anonymous,
and free up some time to figure out this bloggy stuff.

Whew - and that's all my rambling for today.

I am joining Theresa for Good Fences
Have a great afternoon!


  1. oh, so glad you gathered these for today! and shared them! :) such beautiful country!

    feedly got hijacked for ransom and had to fight off the pirates for a few days. i set up bloglovin as a 2nd back-up reader, too. i actually have 3 feed readers i can use, now. :)

  2. What a wonderfull landscape, i like such fotos.
    visiting you from " Good Vences "
    Best regards
    Jutta rom Germany

  3. yay, yay, yay!! you are back!!! i just checked in the other day to see if you had updated and it just didn't show in my feed...i saw you hadn't and i was sad..then you commented today and updated! i always enjoy your posts so much! if you join that pinterest chapter, i'll go with you!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love them all. I will pin while watching t.v. at night. Some I actually go back and look at a second time :)

  5. WoW, what beautiful countryside!! i am thrilled to see you today!!

    i have heard about a self help group called pinners anomymous ;)

    NOT, but we need one!!!!

  6. oh, the lovely lush green countryside!

  7. Now I have VT envy :) I love your blog -- the doses of VT always remind me what I'm working towards. Also, Feedly was down for a few days. It stopped working because they were hacked, but it's all set again. Hope things are going well for you!

    ~ Caitlin (formerly from 'The Siren's Tale)

  8. Gorgeous Vermont country . . . workout I am sure while biking those hills.
    Lovely post photos . . .

  9. What beautiful photos! You must get over this blogger's block - we are missing your amazing views of Vermont! Yes, I can relate to Pinterest addictions. I have to stay away....... except on long, rainy nights. With chocolate. Glad you are back! xo Karen

  10. Reading all the previous comments, I feel a little behind because I haven't gone near Feedly since it was hacked. If I can I follow via BlogLovin so good luck...hope you can get connected! Great scenes, fences and barns!...:)JP

  11. I don't think that any state is quite so pretty as Vermont, and in any season.
    I started with Feedly when we lost Google Reader, but quickly gave it up for Bloglovin'
    Have never had any issues with it.

  12. Wow, what spectacular captures. They are all such dreamy views, what a lovely world.

  13. Lovely views Karen and so different to what I see every day.

  14. Such peaceful and pleasing shots of the countryside. Good work.

  15. oh, i hope you find your speed again. trying to think of what to call it. i miss your posts. i have issues with Bloglovin' ever once in a while. i guess that is norm? i love your shots. so green. hope you are well. ( :

  16. The Vermont countryside is beautiful. Lovely images.. I think all the feed readers have problems.. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  17. Beautiful countryside.....awesome snaps!! About the "blogger's block"--hey, it's summer, so many other things to do!!! Have a great weekend!

  18. I kinda got hooked on "pinning" and was pretty proud I avoided it all this time -- last few weeks - I'm pin-crazy:) You VT pics, once again, are stunning Karen.

  19. These photos are gorgeous! What breathtaking country. I would probably fall off my bike for looking around. :-)

    So good to see you! I have not gotten into Pinterest, but I know others who are hooked, too. There are many worse things to be hooked too, though.

  20. Vermont has gorgeous country side scenery.

  21. Karen,
    Glad the Hubby drug you and your camera out for a bike ride. Gorgeous countryside photos!

  22. I enjoyed your post as many of us feel the same way at times. Problems with the blog are a real pain in the neck.

  23. Wow, what gorgeous country! Your photos are beautiful!

  24. Beautiful scenery and super photography Karen. It was worth the wait between the large gaps in your postings.

  25. I'm kind of a pinning nut, too. I love Bloglovin". There's a setting that allows you to open each post without the bloglovin' frame which made things load much faster, and then I could pin and comment directly from the post instead of from the feed which was awdward. Can't remember what the setting was exactly, but I didn't like Bloglovin' until I found that. Now I love it. I just right click each feed and open it in a new tab. Good luck!

  26. And your bike ride was gorgeous. Is that last photo someone's house?! Imagine living there!

  27. Beautiful, beautiful countryside! I'm a little envious of such a place to ride! I go through spells at Pinterest; pin a lot for a while and then don't go there for a while! It does help me relax and I love to find photo inspiration there!

  28. such lovely countryside. I love that first image.

  29. I have been blocking everything since it's finally summer here. Glad to see your VT countryside is looking lush and lovely.

  30. Pretty frames on fences and hills! I also joined pininterest, but it wasn't interesting for me really. Once the Google reader closed, I went right up to Bloglovin and redirected all the contacts… it work fine so far.

  31. I imagine a block to blogging is what the doctor ordered. Every now and then we all need a change. Call it shifting gears, whatever... when the time is right, you'll be back in the swing of things as need be. In the meantime, enjoy the break and the bike rides. :)

  32. Can't advise on a self-help group for that pinning obsession as I am neither a Pinner or on FB, blog posting and reading are mine. But, summer is here with so many other diversions and thankfully retirement means time for all of them, but strangely time runs out, so can understand yiurs doing the same. Getting out for a bike ride would be my preference as well.


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