away for the weekend: see you in september

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

see you in september

Oh wait - it is September
- my favorite month - and yet - where the heck did summer go?
Mine was a bit like a roller coaster ride - lots of ups and downs
- and I've been feeling a little bit dazed and a lot speechless.

One of the "ups" happened on a rainy day in July when Maggie and her friend, Greg,
 completed their hike of the Appalachian Trail.

The clouds cleared just long enough for us to get a glimpse of Mt. Katahdin
and wonder where our hikers were...

We are so happy to have her home again!

And - she made it home in time for another summer highlight -
Laura and Jeff's engagement celebration.

the happy couple

This was one of many family celebrations in July which also included my mom's 80th birthday
 and my niece's (2nd from left) bridal shower.


On another note - bird watching at Away is on hold until December.
As it turns out, this furry creature (caught more than once on our critter-cam) made his(her?)
way onto our deck.

- and completely annihilated our bird feeders.
(Bad Bear!)
Okay -  we were warned - but seriously -
I never imagined he'd climb up to our second story deck!
Yeah - anyway - as much as I wish I had actually seen this happen
(how awesome would that have been?)
I probably shouldn't be inviting bears to picnics on our deck - 
so... we'll buy some new feeders after this stinker goes into hibernation - Bad Bear!

While I enjoy sharing our summer "ups", our "downs" aren't mine to share
 - but I surely would appreciate any kind thoughts, prayers, or well wishes you can send
for one of my family members.
Knowing that life isn't fair, sure doesn't make it hurt any less.
Thanks, so much.

And this has been my summer. 
I hope you've had a wonderful summer - I'd love to hear about your favorite summer memories


  1. congratulations to your daughter! such a feat! i hope more happy times for you, less furry, uninvited raiders, and far less worries than those that have tinged this post. bless you and yours, karen!

  2. So nice to see you back! Lots of exciting news! Congrats to your daughter for completing her trail hike. My goodness, something to remember and be proud of! Also, congrats to the newly engaged couples! Lots of pretty girls :) So exciting to see the bear, but a little scary at the same time. So far we have not had any raiders this year - I think my dogs have been a deterrent. (Male dogs- lots of scent marking going on!) So nice to celebrate your Mom's 80th, too. Good for her! We had a wedding this summer - my youngest son's. That was the highlight of my summer. Something you get to look forward to! xo Karen

  3. Some great accomplishments and happening there. And a prayer for you family members. And that's all the reality of life those ups and downs....

  4. And I hope for an up for your family member. You had an active summer.

  5. It is so nice to see you back. Lots of great news! Good thoughts for the family members.

  6. Hi Karen! So so good to see you back :-) and a congratulations to Maggie and Greg for completing the Appalachian Trail! What an incredible accomplishment. You must be so very proud. And also, congratulations to Laura and Jeff :-) seems like love is in the air!

    Good to have you back my friend!

  7. Congratulations to Maggie for finished the trail, what an accomplishment. I am sure you are thrilled to have her home. Also big joy for Laura. I will be praying for your family member that is struggling. It would be awesome to see the bear but maybe not quite as close as your deck.

  8. The family resemblance among cousins is amazing! I'm so happy to hear of your daughter's safe arrival home from her outstanding hiking achievement and also to hear of the happy engagement celebration. I wish your summer happiness hadn't been tempered by anything painful, though, and I'm sending well wishes and comfort your way.

  9. Congrats to both your daughters. There have been bears spotted around here, but now there have been a lot of talk about cougars, I'd love to see one on the trail cam...I think...:)

  10. What an accomplishment for your daughter! You must be so proud of her! There have been lots of joys in your home this summer. Lots of wonderful memories made! I'll keep your family in my prayers.

  11. Thrills, chills seem to walk together many days.
    I will be caring about you and your family member.

    I'd say . . . hibernate black bear and let the birdies come back.
    Congrat's to your daughter . . . Welcome home!

  12. congrats to your daughter, that is such an amazing accomplishment!! wonderful family photos and how cool, the bear siting!! sending prayers up <3

  13. Sounds exciting having a bear picnics at your deck! The expression of Maggie says lot about… hope she had great adventure! Best wishes to the young couple and pretty cool cousins.

  14. oohhhhh i love bears but yes that is a little too close for comfort!! someone has a beautiful family, LOVED the pictures!!

  15. You and your family are in my prayers----my favorite summer memory was that of our only daughter's wedding in June!!!


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