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Saturday, March 29, 2014

saturday scattered thoughts

The weather may say Winter, but my work calendar says Spring
- it's pure craziness here in collegiate budget land...

So for this week - a few scattered thoughts from my thoroughly scattered brain

I am excited for:
Summer - I'd be happy to skip Spring
 I'm looking forward to the relaxed, laid-back feel that comes with summer -
Bring it on!

I am happy when:
I get messages and phone calls from my wayward daughter on the Appalachian Trail -
she is having a blast and has met so many great people on the trail, including the daughter of one of my blogger friends. They enjoyed a few days of hiking together, and hope to meet up, again, a little farther down the trail. I have to admit, I didn't understand what was motivating her to take this trip.
Now, I think I get it.

I am tired of:
Living in Boston - but lacking a viable escape plan,
I need to suck it up, Buttercup.

I am working on:
A new photography challenge. Perusing my Pinterest boards, I found lots of different challenges I had forgotten about. I'm randomly combining a few for my own weekly challenge.

I am indulging in:
A massage this weekend. Sitting at a computer all day is wreaking havoc on my neck.

I am not looking forward to:
Staying home this weekend to Spring clean.
Yes - thanks to all the many posts I've seen over the past week, dedicated to cleaning and organizing -
I'm feeling duly shamed - so yeah - thanks a bunch!

What do you have going on this weekend?


  1. Blah, I think we are rebuilding the fence here at our city dwelling...I get the tired of the city thing! I had a massage does wonders for my knee. I'm not too eager for summer...ours is as miserable (hot and dry) as your winters are daughter is living her adventure off in the big city of Dallas - her birthday is Monday - sometimes it's hard to let them spread their wings sigh...Here's wishing you warm, relaxed days soon!

  2. i'm glad your daughter is having such a great time and it's so neat about her new friendship with your bloggie friend's daughter! i need to get a lot of cleaning in today. i love the thought of it and i just bought a bunch of new cleaners, another thing i love to do..i just don't care for the act of the cleaning hahaha...have a great weekend :)

  3. lol! no spring cleaning here! with 4 dogs and mud all around, there's no sense. i hope to take a good long walk/run today and do some yard mowing (which grew leaps and bounds this week with our spots of rain).

  4. Cleaning and organizing? Ugh! I'm glad to hear your daughter is having a blast. I love your bird photos and the buds on the tree. Ah, the promise of spring...

  5. Great trip for your daughter . . . memories forever!
    Quiet weekend here but guess what . . . melting and mud puddles, something new indeed.
    Home made chicken noodle soup on the stove for our grab and run weekend.
    Happy Spring cleaning . . .

  6. Spring is moving in here a slow but sure pace.

  7. This sounds like quite an adventure your daughter is on.
    Given that spring is not here yet...
    More cleaning/organizing for me this weekend. The end is in sight though, and it really does feel like I've accomplished a lot.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. wow, you have lots going on. i enjoy the home after "spring cleaning" is over & finished with. i don't understand how dust can show up in so many odd places. i have been cleaning my ceiling fans -- & trying to figure which way (direction) you get more wind from the blades?? maybe less dust? i didn't know that you lived in Boston? ( :

  9. I guess I haven't seen those same posts. But I will work towards some Spring cleaning this week, only because I have a very neat phobic friend coming over the following week and I don't want to shock her too much, I would like to keep her as a friend :) Glad to hear your daughter is continuing along well. What an exciting experience for her. I would love to hear about your photography challenges. Good for you!

  10. You're a busy gal! I volunteered today at the gallery and going on a photo shoot with the camera club tomorrow. Starting a new project this week.

  11. We are battening down the hatches for a Winter Storm moving in tonight; rain, snow and a few days of low temps in the single digits. Not good for baby calves. I agree with you, mother nature forgot March 21st was the first calendar day of spring.

    Enjoy your massage, photography challenge project and conversations with your daughter. Good Luck with the spring house cleaning.

  12. hehe, there is nothing more inspiring then being shamed into spring cleaning!! i adore hearing from my kiddos, both boys, they usually text but i love their girlfriends and they call!!

    have a happy sunday!!

  13. I so need spring/summer - I just need a little warmth!
    So glad to hear your daughter is doing well on her trek. She's taken on quite a challenge but what an experience. Wishing her continued well wishes for a safe journey.
    I have to say you have NOT shamed me into cleaning! :) LOL!
    Hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend!

  14. Your blue jay shots are gorgeous! So pretty in the snow! We had a beautiful weekend of spring cleaning in the yard, not the house! I like that much better!! So glad you're daughter is enjoying herself and doing well!

  15. Love your little blue jay! Your daughter is on the trip of a lifetime - something she can tell her grandchildren some day! Boston is an amazing city - I suppose if you had to live someplace, that's not a bad place to call home! I love the waterfront. Yea, spring cleaning is no fun, but it feels so good when you are done and you put your feet up and look around. Hope work lets up soon for you. xo karen

  16. So glad your daughter is doing well on the hike! Sorry everyone's winter has lasted so long back east. Glad you are finding new photography challenges. You are doing great!

  17. Duh! It never dawned on me that my very sore neck could be from wasting away the hours of retirement in front of a computer waiting endlessly for spring to come..... Me and the new GSD Lily are heading out for a long hike this afternoon....:)

  18. I've got a sore neck too- I can't look back over my left shoulder without pain..very aggravating when backing out of a parking spot! I'm excited for spring, but not having fun cleaning. I did finally get my junk room finished, but now need to attack the computer room.

  19. I am really looking forward to summer as well! I bet it does make you happy to get calls and messages from your daughter. I'm glad she's enjoying herself so much!

  20. I'm looking forward to summer too, just wish spring would get just a wee bit warmer tho. Oh I so remember when I worked at the hospital and on the computer all day, I know what you mean about having a sore neck. I hope you got some cleaning done over the weekend.


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