away for the weekend: random favs

Saturday, March 22, 2014

random favs

I'm running a little late this week...
which get's me thinking - I'm just not very good at keeping schedules -
well, other than my regular alarm-gym-shower-work-home-dinner-sleep schedule
you know, the one that rules most of my life...
-and this probably explains my aversion to them.

Anyway ,
on a more positive note - how about a few random favorites?

 - old train depots
I found this one in Chester, Vermont.
When I see an old train depot, my mind fills with images of excited greetings, teary farewells, waiting, 
 the promise of adventure...

Lazy Saturday mornings - a warm cup of coffee, watching the birds outside my window, 
catching up on my blog reading and pinterest boards.

Warm summer evenings - a glass of wine, an Adirondack chair, dinner on the grill

Farmer's markets - can't wait!

Outdoor adventure - snowshoeing in the peaceful forest, kayaking, cycling, hiking...

Snowy winter days - curled up with a book near a roaring fire

How about you - I'd love to hear what some of your favorite things are!


  1. I like old depots too or any old historical building that has been originally restored. Nice framing on that pic by the way.
    I like my coffee in the sunroom where I can watch the birds. Yesterday I could see a 'couple' flitting from branch to branch and hear mourning doves cooing. The spring ritual has begun.
    We've had way more days of snow and curling up than we have had for the past five years. We had six inches last weekend. I hope that was one last hurrah. I'm ready for warmth - but not mud. Here in WV we have red clay mud - stains everything! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Karen!

  2. i love my relaxing mornings, drinking coffee as i read blogs. i'm spoiled. i love drinking a glass of wine out on the deck in the sunshine. i'm spoiled. i love watching the ducks and birds out my window and around the pond. i'm spoiled. i love listening to my dogs snoozing all around the living room. they're spoiled. :)

  3. Desperately awaiting the Farmer's Market for sure. Ice Cream Sundaes on a hot August afternoon. Exploring. A glass of wine anytime :)

  4. Beautiful little train station.
    Oh Karen we are with you bring on the warm days and farmers markets !

  5. At the moment I an dreaming of warm summer evenings, just as you describe. Add to that laying on a lounge chair by our club pool with a drink, a book and a waitress about to bring my lunch - please come soon!

  6. Love your shot of this old train station. Old stations like this have had a very prominent place in my life, and love seeing these. Hope that your saturday is just wonderfully relaxing and that it feels much longer than it reallly is.

  7. Wow, Karen - I never realized we're so alike! I see you still have snow.

  8. Old Train Stations are so romantic, aren't they? I picture forlorn lovers waving goodbye.....(I watch too many old movies - that would be one of my favorite things to do). your list of faves is wonderful and would be like mine - except I have never gone kayaking....but I used to have a little rowboat when I was a girl. Me and my dog...we would go exploring the waterways. Hope your weekend is filled with some of those favorite things. xo Karen

  9. Oh, yes! I love old train depots, so iconic. We have one in a neighboring town, up the street from our favorite local cafe, that is going to be restored and put to some commercial use. It's a lovely building.

  10. Oh I have to say I LOVE your list and thinking about that old train station and all those teary goodbyes has me thinking I want to hop a train right now and go on an adventure, that is what I would love to do go to the city and sit on the street patio watch the people and drink a nice cup of coffee in the sun. Oh that sounds so lovely doesn't it. I guess until then I will head to the bush in the snow:) Hug B

  11. Oh my another train station for Grenville to visit

  12. i love that train station. what a great place. would love to see it in person. awesome!! ( :
    have a quiet weekend. big big hugs.

  13. Some favorites...morning coffee enjoyed in bed daily, wine with dinner ( with lunch is good too), road trips with my best friend, Grenville (Pat), visits with friends, good reads, hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, crunchy cheese doodles, fall and spring days...

  14. Always fond of schedules, I find in retirement, I still like them...just not as stringent!...:)JP

  15. You can be behind schedule but you live the good life. Maybe not following a tight schedule makes for a good life.

  16. I hate work, gets in the way of all our fun ;)

    I like your five, I love your image!!

  17. I adore train stations, this one is particularly nice and old fashioned. I like all your favorites especially coffee, slow mornings. I like working in the garden, walking about with my camera, escaping on a day trip. Looking forward to warmer days and more sunshine.

  18. I also can't wait for the Farmer's Market!

  19. I knew that was a train depot before I read your comments. I photographed a similar one this weekend. Favorite things...walking in the woods, wind blowing on my face and sunshine on my shoulders! Does this sound like a John Denver song???

  20. I can't wait for farmer's markets! We have a winter farmer's market in the area, but everything is shipped in. I look forward to the spring/summer/fall when everything is local again :)


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