away for the weekend: scavenger hunt sunday

Sunday, July 15, 2012

scavenger hunt sunday

A Boston Lunch Hour
My office is located near the Christian Science Plaza in Boston where I enjoy taking lunch breaks on summer days. Today on the menu:

 This week's scavenger hunt includes:

Boston children playing in the fountain's cool water on a hot summer day.

The gardens at the plaza are well maintained and desinged for relaxing. The petals on this flower are such a vibrant shade of pink

Fresh can be challenging in the city, and although there are a few farmer's markets in the city, my usual "fresh" is found at Whole Foods (my frequent lunchtime destination).

I made everyone on my office elevator stop on the eight floor so that I could take a shot of the elevator "8" all lit up - (you can imagine how popular I was)
but then found this right across the street - (I think it's a bit more interesting...)

The "Reflecting Pond" at the Christian Science Plaza - an oasis of calm in a busy city.

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  1. I LOVE the fresh shot! It's so bright and cheerful and it made me happy. ;)

  2. I think it's cool that your shots tell the story of your lunch break. :) I love your "fresh" photo, as well as "calm." Lovely!

  3. Wonderful set. I like your Fresh and your Calm shots a lot.

  4. 8's building is much more interesting than an elevator.
    I love petal, what a sharp clear shot.

  5. Water looks like so much fun - and I love the last shot.


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