away for the weekend: needed - bathroom update

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

needed - bathroom update

I’m not sure why, but I am fixated on redoing (as in redecorating – not renovating) this bathroom. I think it all started when I found this shower curtain on the Pottery Barn website

PB Cartography Shower Curtain

Greg and I are both map nuts, so you can imagine how perfect it is – AND – it was on sale - (joy!)

Or, maybe it’s just that sometimes I feel as though I'm living in someone else's house - and the bathroom should be a fairly easy place to start - right?

Whatever the case, this bathroom is getting an update!

I love red, so this shower curtain will probably be moved to one of the other bathrooms (which I would also like to update a bit).

I really need something on this window. Greg laughs and tells me that there is nothing outside other than bear.
I don’t care; privacy please.

I really don’t like this vanity. It was a popular style 20 years ago, but now it’s (really really) dated. Replacing it is not happening right now, though, so I’ll have to work with it. Can a laminate cabinet be painted? And what should I do about this mirror and light fixture?

 I think this is turning into a little more than a gallon of paint and some new towels...

I’d like to keep the room light and work with the cream and greenish-gray of the shower curtain.  It's hard to tell in these photos, but the fixtures are almond - not white - sigh...

 I love the look of these bathrooms.

Shingle style home in Hanover NH traditional bathroom

I'm hopelessly color-challenged.

 - and I’m still not sure I even have the right colors…

I guess I have some painting to do. I’ll let you know how it all comes out.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Hmmm, I'm wondering just who lies naked in a tub staring at a picture of Mao. Just curious....

  2. Very good question - I'm really just focused on the light color with the natural wood. The artwork would probably not be my choice.


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