away for the weekend: moving in

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

moving in

So - as might be expected - our first weekend at Away was a whole lot of cleaning, unpacking, and waiting around for various installs. Sigh.

Somewhat unexpected was the discovery that we might not be able to get a television hook up here. Huh?  I don't quite get the details, so possibly this will get ironed out. Fortunately, we don't go away to watch television - no stress here.

We did manage to get out and explore a little, though. I have a fascination with farms that I can't quite explain, but Greg is getting used to having me ask him to pull over.

We wound up in a little town called Wallingford. Sorry - this photo does not do the town justice.

Wallingford, Vermont
Wallingford, like many Vermont towns, is worthy of an afternoon stroll. It has a quaint downtown area with a variety of shops and antiques that were fun to poke into. The purpose of our trip last Saturday was this great light fixture I found online ( It's made by Hubbardton Forge (in Vermont).

This would be PERFECT in my dining area.

Soooo - because it was a beautiful day, and because I needed to see it in person, and because I enjoy talking with shopkeepers, and because I just plain needed to explore a little bit.... we drove to the showroom. Fantastic!! Greg (not an enthusiastic shopper) was entralled with the old stone building while I walked around visualizing the many beautiful light fixtures in my new home. Unfortunately, the building was undergoing renovation and the front was covered in scaffolding - so, no pictures this time. But I suspect I'll be back...

Not only is this fixture even more beautiful in real life, but I think we may have found the perfect bedframe at a little furniture shop down the street. We haven't bought either - yet. Even so, I'll call the day a success!

Next weekend, weather permitting, I hope to explore a sugar shack or two It's maple season in Vermont!

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  1. Looking forward to reading more! Beautiful pictures.


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