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Thursday, March 22, 2012

decorating away

Okay - so here's the scoop. When we bought Away, all the furniture was included. Nice - huh? This allows me to splurge focus on adding my own style.

Now here's my problem - I don't know quite what my own style is. I mean, I have such eclectic taste. And I kind of know what I like, but... I'd kind of like to bring in touches of a slightly more rustic-cabin feel.

We are very fortunate that we share similar taste with the previous owners and that they took such great care of their home. I hesitate to call these “before” photos. I think you’ll understand why.

I love the inside space and I even like that it's all white - except I don't really like that it's all white.


living room

The sofa, love seat, and chair are somewhat worn and dated. They are fairly high on our list for replacement (whatever that will mean).

living room fireplace

Is is possible to add a mantle? We're not sure about the television, either. This is the best room for it for now - maybe a different cabinet?

living room - another view

I'm not sure about window treatments. I don't want to cover the windows, but there may be opportunity to add a little warmth and style here.

dining area

The table and chairs are likely to stay for the foreseeable future. They are more “cottage” than “cabin”, but they work for now.

master bedroom

master bedroom

I love this room. It needs a bedframe, and I’ve already bought replacement bedding. (It's funny what you don't notice while snapping photos - what is that pillow doing in the middle of the bed?)

guest bedroom

guest bedrrom

This is one of two guest rooms. They are both similar, but this one is a little larger.

Do you see what I mean? The space flows nicely, but maybe it's a little...??

My first instinct is to add more color – but then I realize that I actually love neutrals and shades of white. Maybe a warmer white?

And yes, I know that I neglected to show the kitchen. It needs all new cabinets and countertops, and as I recently went through a kitchen remodel in our Boston home, this is one project I'll have to save for another day year.

I welcome ideas for warming the space up a bit - giving it more of a cabin-in-the-mountains feel while retaining the awesome contemporary openness. Only one rule – no painting the wood trim!

I've been adding pictures of rooms that inspire me on my Pinterest boards and will also share ideas that I particularly like in a later post.

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. You forgot the lower level. Or maybe that's a good thing!

    1. I'm saving that for another day (or maybe year). This may be a slow process.....


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