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Thursday, April 20, 2017

thankful thursday

Hey - it's a beautiful day, let's take the kayaks out!
Or - maybe not...

While the thermometer may read 80 degrees
- the pond reads FROZEN

 - as in solid...
 - winter hangs tough in Vermont...

Yeah - well...
We did manage to enjoy the day with a hike on one of our favorite trails
- and a beautiful vista
which on this Easter afternoon felt like worshiping in the church of nature
For this day, I am very thankful

- So, I'm pretty sure the pond will thaw - eventually
- and we will be ready

Are you as excited as I am to get this summer-thing underway?

I'm joining Michelle for Thankful Thursday


  1. I am so excited to get summer underway! Beautiful scenes in your area. Frozen ponds are no good, though! Thanks for linking up today! Have a great weekend!

  2. You can't take your boat on it and you can't skate on it. That's what I call being in limbo. Patience will prevail.

  3. ...thanks for taking me along, this all looks like my beloved Adirondacks.

  4. Crazy that it is frozen yet, although you all got so much snow. Lake Michigan only ever froze by the shore this year.

  5. Hello, lovely images from your hike. I often go to the church of nature. I hope it warms up soon. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. that first image is just awesome!! i would not have believed that pond was still frozen...good thing you shared a picture, wink!!

    i like the church of nature, i go there as well!!!

  7. Whoa! Winter does not give up easily in your neck of the woods! Still those very same woods are soooo pretty with the touches of fresh spring green touching them!

  8. Lovely photos ~ love the contrast of the winter/summer weather with the kayak ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ~ ^_^

  9. Good to know that we may be in for some chilly weather, Karen. We're planning to spend a few days in Stowe, C]VT in mid-May to celebrate an anniversary -- the 20th of our first date, which was not actually in VT.

  10. Oh, a bit of a disappointment....but the scenery is so beautiful, never-the-less! A good brisk hike clears the lungs and mind :) Hope the weather holds out for you this weekend. xx K

  11. Like Northern Minnesota spring comes late and winter early...but it's always beautiful. We've enjoyed all our trips to New England...:)

  12. Beautiful hike though -- when we lived in the Pacific Northwest we always tried to get outside on Easter Sunday for that kind of worship you enjoyed... and for the promise and anticipation of more spring/summer outings to come. Well, we still get outside on Easter now that we live here in Florida this time of year -- but we get outside every day, so it isn't quite the same thing ;>)

  13. It’s really cool checking your frozen pond when our water bodies going dry… it has crossed 100 degree at my place. Glad you could able to take your fav trek and nature is always admired. Beautiful views

  14. Hmmmm, you could go skating! :-)
    Wow, 80 degrees and a frozen pond. I don't think I've ever seen that.
    We were surprised that our pond was still frozen when it was about 40 degrees outside.
    Glad you enjoyed the day in spite of the change of plans.

  15. Easter Sunday was ridiculously warm here, too. Two days later the temperature had dropped by 40 degrees. All our ice and snow is gone and spring is clearly here, blooming bulbs, leafing trees, and all. "...worshiping in the church of nature" is my favorite kind.

  16. No, I would definitely not go out on the frozen river. It makes me cold just looking at it. How nice though that you were able to hike and enjoy a beautiful day. It is very different where I live and I'm not sure I could do long winters anymore. I don't know how I did for 40 years.

  17. Wow. Winter does hang tough in Vermont. We were warm on Easter also in Ohio, but our lake was not frozen and we did a little fishing on the boat. Hopefully your water will thaw soon. :)

  18. Hard to imagine that when spring has arrived that the pond was still frozen. So great to see that you kayak!! Isn't it so peaceful . We love our kayaks and so appreciate the time we get to spend in them. Looking forward in a couple of weeks to a 5 day kayaking trip up in the International Canoeing Boundary waters, and can hardly wait! Hope you are enjoying some spring weather


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