away for the weekend: photo challenge #17 - bicycle(s)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

photo challenge #17 - bicycle(s)

Before the grass turns green, or flowers bloom -
a sure sign of spring in my area -
 bicycles at the train station!

We are having our first stretch of spring-like weather, here in New England
And to think that when I first heard the weather forecast
- I grumbled - yep grumbled...
What am I going to wear? and where are my spring clothes, anyway?
Do I even have any spring clothes?
Yeah - I must - I'm pretty sure I wore clothes last spring...
Ummmmmm - yeah...
will someone please just kick me?!?!

Anyway - all joking aside
I am very thankful for this first sign of spring
- the beautiful weather
- sunshine
- bicycles
- and the hope for summer ahead

How is spring shaping up in your neck of the woods?
Are you feeling that little added spring in your step?
(hmmm - is that where the term "spring" comes from...?)

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. ha - maybe that is where "spring" comes from?? just invented it. either way, pretty cool!! spring is here at the jersey shore and i am loving it. we have dusted off the bikes and gone for several rides. i appreciate spring because summer is difficult for me - i can't tolerate the heat!!! nice capture!!

  2. We had a couple of beautiful spring-like (actually much warmer than spring-like) this week, and everything started popping up. So wonderful to see.
    I love the sun in this photograph, Karen.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It's been beautiful here this week...more Spring like than summer! lol I'm loving the cooler mornings and evenings. Enjoy your day!

  4. Hello, I wish the days were a little warmer. It is still a little chilly here. I do more walking than biking. Happy spring! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. Hurray for spring! I am so thankful its here and guess what? I got a new bike today!!! Can't wait to set off on some adventures! Love your bicycle photo with the sun sneaking through the tree tops!
    Happy weekend!

  6. We had a taste of spring and then it went away again. No need to ponder a spring wardrobe yet.

  7. Spring is shaping up well here in Kentucky. Like you, I wonder where all of my warm weather clothes are! lol Getting them out is not something I like to do! Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  8. Love the bicycle shot ~ live nearby you ~ and grateful the weather is improving ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  9. This post made me laugh! I walked downtown to meet a friend for lunch on Tuesday and was grumbling to myself that it seemed as if we'd jumped directly from winter to summer. I was wishing I'd unpacked my shorts, or at least some capris. It only lasted a couple of days before reverting to more typical temperatures for this time of year, and truly, I am so glad for the warmer days. Happy spring to you!

  10. Yes... human behavior definitely does change with the seasons. All of sudden mother nature has decided it's time for her behavior has to change. Good thinking on your part with noticing the bike at the train station. Including the sun in the scene in the sun turned out to be a bonus.

  11. The month started off with a 6-inch snowfall in Nashua, NH (no joking) but since then we've had some really warm days, almost summer-like. Hopefully more spring-like temperatures will arrive and stay around.

  12. Spring is lovely, isn't it? I love when the sun shines warmer and nature is waking up again. Here in my corner of the world we have rather mild winters with only a few days of frost, but this year we had an exceptional amount of rain, and it's still raining. We had some lovely days in between, but I do long for warmer weather just to be able to work in the garden.

  13. Absolutely the weather sounds there pleasure with mild sunshine and blossom of flowers. Lovely shot
    Btw. its summer here and the weather has crossed 40 degree C... and the weatherman has warned not to come out in noon times.

  14. Nice to see the bicycle and so funny about your spring clothes. Isn't it amazing how we can put some things 'away' and forget where we put them?! I do hope you find them and that your weather holds out so you can wear them, too! Our spring has been cool and wet, but when the sun comes out, it is wonderful! xx Karen

  15. Got a laugh about wondering where your spring clothes are... when you have such long winters, it is true you might have forgotten. Here in Texas, it really is spring most of the winter. Much milder weather than in New England. Enjoy that biking!


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