away for the weekend: photo challenge - week #10 juxtaposition

Monday, January 16, 2017

photo challenge - week #10 juxtaposition

I'm running behind
- yep, nothing new, here...

Sooooo - juxtaposition...
Anyway - a couple of weeks ago, during a snowstorm in Boston,
I heard on the news of a man in Copley Square, lying in a hammock
Yeah - he was there, I wasn't - but how cool would that have been?

Then, this morning on my commuter train, 
pulling into the station in Boston, a man is wearing a ski helmet
- goggles and all - ???
I was there - but missed that shot too...

So - thank goodness for Copley Square
- my old reliable

where historic and modern comfortably coexist

Next up - something old
which will likely be late - again
I think I know what I want to do, but need daylight - at home
yeah - I'm not home during daylight hours...
Is it summer yet?

Canon EOS Rebel T3i
EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
32mm 1/50 sec at f/9.0


  1. WOW! It's amazing to see the reflection of the building in another building!

  2. Gorgeous buildings sharing this space! Love your shot, Karen!

  3. old and new/like black and white, so different sharing the same space. the reflection is beautiful!!!

  4. A hammock in the snow; now that's a juxtaposition. The old and the new side by side..loving the reflection...I have to say this morning I am relating to the old.....

  5. Great example of juxtaposition! I'm fascinated by reflections of old buildings in modern ones. I sympathize with your lack of daylight problem. It's so hard in the winter, when days are short and you have to be away from home - and/or in an office all day. Being able to take advantage of the brief winter daylight is one of the best things about retirement!

  6. Hello Karen,
    That could be impressive to see that guy in a hammock. But I enjoy this high building.
    A wonderful place.

    Kind regards,

  7. Yup, the man in the hammock was there!
    My son lives and works in Boston, and he told me about it. :-)

  8. Perfect juxtaposition! I especially like the reflection of the turret in the modern glass building.

  9. Cool picture. Was it a real hammock or one of those things kids carry around to tie to trees? I forgot what they're called...

  10. The building on the left looks interesting.

  11. Superb compo! The modern reflecting the old... but I would be staring at the old if I was there rather plain panes :)

  12. Great image showing old and new. Thank you for visiting and sorry for the late reply. I have been on a blogging break but hope to be back on a more regular basis soon. Happy New Year!

  13. This is a neat image and I love the reflections. A man in a hammock? That's a little, um , out there!


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