away for the weekend: photo challenge #11 - something old

Sunday, January 29, 2017

photo challenge #11 - something old

my childhood teddy bear
ragged from many years of snuggles
this poor old bear - missing both eyes, part of an ear, and a fair amount of stuffing,
has traveled with me from home to home
- and now resides on my bedroom dresser

I knew a couple of weeks ago that my teddy bear would be the subject of this prompt
-  which brought me into the realm of still life photography
- something I know absolutely nothing about
Reading articles about lights, backdrops, reflectors...
I thought to myself - yeah, I'm not doing any of that
So I moved my bear about the house - seeking a setting that felt right
- and when I placed him on this antique chair,
letting the outdoor lighting provide the backdrop,
it all just sort of clicked for me

Next up - Something New

Do you have a cherished childhood item?
I'd love to see it captured in a photo!

EF24-105mm f/4 IS USM, 65mm
1/125 sec at f/4.0


  1. I, in stupidity, tossed out my childhood teddy bear in one of our moves over the years. I regret it to this day. A couple of years ago I was able to find one just like him at an antique store, this one was in better shape, by far, and I did buy him, but I still wish I had my own.

  2. I still have my childhood Teddy too!
    Yours sure looks well-loved, Karen.
    Happy day to you!

  3. this is PERFECT my friend - you have the eye, going with what feels right wins!! i can see your bear was well loved, i don't think i have anything from my childhood!! have a happy sunday!!

  4. awwww. . . the family has one as old. I need to click it

  5. Such a sweet teddy and so beautifully displayed! I still have my first teddy bear and he's a precious treasure!

  6. A superb shot of your treasure!!

  7. Precious! Your set up is perfect for this shot & tugs on my heartstrings!
    Have a great week!

  8. Very nice setting for the old teddy bear and very sweet of you to keep hold still! I really love the light present... thanks for the idea, let me come up with one soon.

  9. I think the only "cherished childhood items" I still have are a few books, and those are indeed precious to me. I can remember my daddy reading them to me before I learned to read myself. Your teddy is wonderful, clearly much loved, and oh-so-real in the Velveteen Rabbit sense. Your choice of setting for his portrait is perfect!

  10. Very sweet :) Beautiful lighting. I have my favorite book, 'The Black Stallion'. I was horse crazy :) xx K


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