away for the weekend: random five - feeling crafty

Friday, October 11, 2013

random five - feeling crafty

I'm not sure what it is - but lately I've been feeling crafty - 
in a diy-make-cute-things sort of way that is, nothing evil lurking here...

But first,
this was my favorite find at the fair a couple of weekends ago.
Greg and I like just about anything black lab - and this one was impossible to pass up.

On a whole different plane of craftiness,
I found these felted wool dryer balls on Pinterest and for whatever reason
just needed to make them. They're great - everything you could hope for and more.
 (from dryer balls, anyway)
I add a few drops of lavender essential oil and my laundry has never smelled more fresh.

Also from Pinterest, I made one of these diy reed diffusers.
I used a blend of lavender and cedar, which is a soft restful scent.
Truthfully - I haven't noticed any scent diffusing from this thing,
but I did get a good night's sleep - so who knows?

For even more crafty fun, I whipped up a batch of lip balm.
There are lots of recipes out there, but I made up my own.
Yeah, this stuff should be called
"Lip conditioning-moisturizing-kick-ass-best-ever-turn-back-the-clock balm"
I'll probably tweek the recipe anyway, just for fun.

And finally - I made my third batch of soap this week.
I have the little bars curing on the kitchen table - all lined up like tiny little soldiers.
Greg gazes upon them in a perplexed sort of way -
"You know, I think we have enough soap for a year, here"
Yes, he's probably right...
and yet - I really don't think I can stop.
Soooo - family members you should probably beware,
Christmas - it is a-comin'
But hey, maybe I'll also throw in some of my
lip conditioning-moisturizing-kick-ass-best-ever-turn-back-the-clock balm.

How about you - up to anything crafty lately?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful pillow, Karen!
    Greetings, RW ^SK

  2. I like being crafty too....but in a whole different way. [kidding] really are filled with tremendous vigor...and TALENT!!! Oh and by the way...I love the scent of lavender!!! Your lab pillow is sweet!!!!

  3. wow, you are so ahead & glad to hear you are having fun!! love the pillow. have fun creating. big big hugs. ( :

  4. Love the Lab pillow. Love the dryer balls thingy I am going to try that but I have already made some from rolled up old used 100% wool socks that I felted same thing but I guess as a gift someone would not want old socks:) Oh I would really like to try making soap but I am afraid of a disaster:)
    I have taken up knitting and it seems I cannot stop well I don't know how so I keep going:) I love your craftiness. B

  5. that is a gorgeous pillow, it was a great find. dryer balls I'll google this one? I'm knitting, picking and putting up our olives and making paper maché stuff. I like your ideas maybe it is time to try the lip balm, sounds like a great gift.

  6. I love the pillow but I am so OVER making crafts. I've just got too old and cranky I think.

  7. you put some great pinspiration to work! love your new pillow. have a great week.

  8. I admire your crafting spirit. I once had it too but now I am a reformed Craftaholic. I got to the point where I had given everyone I know everything I knew how to make.

  9. I'm about to get real crafty as soon as I order my supplies...just finished an online jewelry class! That pillow is the cutest!

  10. You really got my engines reveled up this morning...I can't wait to try the dryer balls and since I am a knitter I have so much yarn lurking in the closet that I won't have to go very far to get those supplies....I was determined to try the soap making after you posting about your adventure but got busy so now I am going to give it a try....and the lip balm sounds great....
    I love the lab pillow; they are the best dogs and so sweet to boot....

  11. if you end up with an abundance of soap and/or lip balm, there's always a blog giveaway!!!! pick me! :)

  12. Love the pillow! I've never heard of the felted drier balls. I might have to make some or better yet buy some. I would love to add a little essential oil to them.
    Have a great weekend and have fun crafting!

  13. Well, i've been feeling crafty, but haven't done anything about it yet! You are ambitious and so creative. I admire your go get 'em creativeness. I might try the dryer lint ball thing. It sounds really fun. :)

  14. That pillow is great!
    Love anything crafty!!!
    Wool dryer balls, eh??? Going to have to look that one up for sure!

  15. i see adorable, assorted gift bags in your family's future!!

    i love pinterest, i found some really cute print outs for halloween tic tac's, featured on my blog on 10/7!!

    i also found a cute one for the top a bag for christmas "for your mistle toes"....foot cream and nail polish work perfectly for it!!

  16. I love that you've been so crafty lately! I've never made my own lip balm, but it's on my to do list for someday. Yours sounds amazing! Your creations will make great Christmas gifts :)

  17. Gee Karen, you sound so much like me! I was a soap-making fiend a couple of years ago! Fortunately, it keeps for a long time. :)

  18. Oh yes, that's a great pillow!

  19. I can see why you couldn't pass up that black lab! It's so cool! As for the homemade lip balm ... well, I'll let you tell me about it.

  20. You are rocking the diy stuff. I want some of that lip balm! Maybe I could take some soap off your hands too, then Greg will feel better :)

  21. If you have too many of those soaps and lip balm, I can certainly send you my address!! As far as crafty, I keep going to Hobby Lobby and buying stuff, but right not it is still in the stuff stage, hasn't made it to the complete stage yet.

  22. Love the pillow! Been thinking about making my own soap.

  23. That is a beautiful pillow Karen, we are very partial to Labs in our house. I've been knitting, knitting, knitting, it's that time of year :)

  24. Love the pillow- that's cute! Now...where's the recipe for the lip balm? LOL! I have probably bought a few execs at Chapstick a car or two over the last 45 years of my life.

  25. It's that crafty time of year, isn't it? Love your pillow - lots of work went into that little beauty. I had a wonderful black lab when my children were small. She guarded them every day of her life. Gentle as a baby, but she would tree a cougar and not think twice. Sounds like it's going to be a wonderfully scented Christmas at your house! Lip balm and soap are always nice gifts xo

  26. That’ a pretty find on couch pillow! The lavender fresher sound cool

  27. I have never been into crafting. I enjoyed needle work, but my eyes do not allow that anymore. This is a very nice pillow you found.

  28. The pillow is very nice!
    For me in winter is crafty time, today I'll be still in garden and nature.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  29. I just love this pillow! The texture and colours are really nice. As for labs, well before owning my current Cavaliers we had a blonde lab and as a child had quite a few black ones! Amazing breed - I always secretly wanted to get a chocolate.

  30. You know me, always crafting. But I have never made lip balm, nor have I made soap. Both on my to do list.

  31. Tucker and I love that pillow! I also love that you've been getting your craft on. My daughter and I made soap for Christmas gifts one year, and it made the house smell wonderful. It was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done.


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