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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Scene and Story - May

Wow - May... it went by in a blink
- yet was full of so much -
Mother's Day, a graduation trip to Arkansas, Laura's 30th birthday party,
and a cup of coffee with my blogging friend, Sarah, at Paisley Rain Boots!
This was our first time meeting face-to-face, but felt like getting together with an old friend.
- And since I dumbly took no photos (I know, right?),
I'll share my story of playing at being a photographer...

"But I don't photograph people"

Yeah - that was my reply when Laura asked me to take photos of Jeff and her.
A maternity photo shoot - so to speak.
Ummmm - I don't do people, and I stand by that.
 "Don't worry," Jeff remarked, "Laura doesn't want a photo shoot
- she just wants One. Perfect. Photo".
Haha - yeah well, I'm not sure about that,
but we did have a lot of laughs - in between all those awkward poses
- and we caught a few cute candids.
I really do have a new appreciation for photographers who do this work.
So - my advice to the parents-to-be
 When the baby actually arrives
- and they want that One. Perfect. Photo
Hire a real photographer!!
But this was kinda-sorta fun, anyway.

I am joining Sarah and Leon for Scene and Story

Thanks for dropping in!


  1. They are adorable together! And you do great people, I get so many comments on my new profile photo taken by the very talented you!

  2. When they look back in ten years it will be those candid shots which ring far more true than any 'real photographer' poser shots could be.

  3. One. Perfect. Photo. No pressure there! But I just learned from Sarah's comment that you took that great new profile photo of her, which I love! You DO photograph people, and very well, too, whether you think so or not. I love this photo and the story behind it. Thanks for joining us this month for Scene & Story!

  4. I always say the same thing...."I don't photograph people, I photograph things!" LOL! This came out so cute!

  5. Looks to me as if you did a lovely job. If that ever happens to you again.... you can google photographing..... ( whatever it is) and you can get some great ideas by looking at something someone else already thought up. LOL! A great go to... Your shot so cute though and know you had fun getting it!

  6. A sweet photo of a mother to be! She will look back on this shot with great affection, I'm sure! I quite enjoy photographing people, but when they're not posing and just going about their normal occupations in a most natural way.

  7. Don't put yourself down I like thtt photograph and I am sure they do also.

  8. I agree with all of these comments -- you DO photograph people, and you do it very well! :-D

  9. awwww, you ARE a real photographer. poses are a funny thing - you have to study what other photographers are doing....and if you think adults are hard, try a couple of kids. i don't know how peeps do it!!

    this is a cute, great picture!!! i actually love it and i'm sure they do as well!!!

  10. What a sweet photo! You caught such a happy look on both of their faces! I like candid shots better than the posed.

  11. I love your photo of the happy couple plus"bump"!

  12. Photographing people so that they don't actually look like that's what is happening is the bext approach and I think you accomplished that here, Karen.

  13. Sounds like the month of May has been special for you... though it passed quicker, perhaps special moment don't last forever and that makes it special. That's very cute moment capture! I too don't capture people mostly and cute moments alike are impossible to miss :)

  14. me again - just checking - and boy do i love this picture!!!

  15. You've had a lovely May and now looking forward to a new little one, too! So exciting! Very cute photo! xx Karen

  16. But you are a real photographer!!!
    You know, I didn't do people either - except my daughter. Then came the time that she and her friends were seniors at high school and they needed those casual senior photos for the yearbook. Their moms asked me and told other moms about me. Suddenly here I was shooting portraits - the beginning of every shoot is always a bit awkward, but after those first 15 minutes the good shots are coming in. I loved it every single time.
    I think the two look lovely together - natural, relaxed, with a wonderful laugh on their faces. It's such a beautiful shot.


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