away for the weekend: braking for hikers

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

braking for hikers

I brake for vagabonds hikers.

We caught up with Maggie and her friend, Greg, last week in Bennington, Vermont
 - which was an adventure in itself. Let's just say that google maps and my little Subaru heartily disagree on the definition of a road!

I spent the next few days making early morning dropoffs and evening pickups at various trailheads in Vermont, as they enjoyed a few days of "slackpacking".

One day - equipped with bug spray, a water bottle and hiking boots,
 I got the brilliant idea that rather than waiting in the car, I'd meet them on the trail.
And so began my short little adventure into the forest -
- alone -
- with the bugs, and bears and sounds of critters unseen -

I was quickly rewarded with a little cluster of lady slippers,

and a lovely stream accompanied by the calming sound of rushing water and birds singing,

and my wild imagination - alone - with the bugs and bears and sounds of critters unseen
- and after 45 minutes, I came upon a muddy spot that I couldn't hike around -
- and I thought - nope, I'm done for the day.
Yeah - backpacker I am not.

This was our last pick up and evening together in Killington, Vermont.
We enjoyed dinner at a great little Inn with an Irish Pub.
Surrounded by croc-clad feet, I could see that this is a favorite spot among backpackers.
(Which - yep - I'm not)

So - fewer than 500 miles to Mount Katahdin for these intrepid hikers.
I'm looking forward to our next pickup which, God willing, will be in Baxter State Park.
Did I mention the forest is full of bugs and bears and who knows what all those other critters are?

It's back to work for me, tomorrow -
but I surely enjoyed a few evenings filled with stories and laughter.


  1. As a hiking enthusiast, I love this post. I love coming upon a stream whilst hiking. I love the relaxing sound that accompanies it :) they both look so happy in that picture!

  2. kudos to you for trying it! :) your daughter is adorable! good luck to her and her friend!

  3. This is great that you did try out the hiking bit. It is not for everyone. I love it! The peace and quiet. Your daughter is cute!

  4. You must be so proud of your daughter and her great accomplishment, and now you have a better idea of what it's like firsthand after your own brave endeavor into bugs, bears, and other critters unseen. It must have been wonderful to see her again.

  5. Wow- your hikers are crazy fast!! I only needed a few minutes alone on the trail to realize what a great respect I have for these folks. : )

  6. How wonderful that you were able to spend time with them! I am so impressed by hikers on the AT. And good for you for giving it a try! I'm not a backpacker, either, but I love to be in the forest where I can only hear nature's sounds.

  7. Oh no - I actually love day hiking - but being in the forest alone was freaking me out - just a little :-)

  8. That is a beautiful stream. I admit that I am not as enthusiastic about hiking as I used to be! lol

  9. Oh how nice that you had some time with your daughter and eventho your back-packing was not a total success you got some great shots. I don't do bugs & bears either.

  10. YeP, not a hiker, not even a little!! I always hope all the good stuff is at the base of the path!! Your daughter is adorable, she looks like fun and a hiker ;)

  11. that stream is calling my name. awesome!! the hubby & i love hiking. & getting out in the woods & back into nature. the quiet. & calm moments. ( ;

  12. It's time for you to step out and be brave and back pack. I can see why your daughter did this trip.

  13. The views and Lady Slippers would be wonderful but "going it alone" . . . not me either . . .
    Proud of you and your forty five minutes!

  14. it is good to see them well and still smiling, I like non stressful, flat hiking (walking) with a picnic served on a table cloth :-) somewhere after the first 10 minutes.

  15. glad u gathered courage to take a small hike inside the forest... i like getting into the wild and that's fresh water stream invites to behold. hope they enjoying their hiking :)

  16. I am with you completely on not being a backpacker. Glen and Mallory love it, although Mallory is becoming less enthralled this year, working outside all the time at Sleeping Bear, the mosquitos are quite awful. I like day hikes, but a comfy bed at night and a real toilet and shower.

  17. You're very brave! Just the word "bear" would keep me out of the woods! My hiking consists of trail where the only thing I have to worry about are the insects!

  18. Well that was a great attempt, and love your shots. This is quite an accomplishment for your daughter!

  19. I adore hiking, and have always looked forward to conquering some of the trails in VT! I love the shot of the lady slippers. I used to stumble across them frequently as a kid in MA, but now I rarely see them. Glad you had a good time with your friends, even in the hiking was less than preferable ;)

  20. Karen, I was so happy to see that your daughter has made it so far! What a great adventure. I saw Lady Slippers here in CO this spring - awesome.


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