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Saturday, May 10, 2014

smiling about...

Do you ever get that feeling that you're always running behind?
I have a backlog of posts -
but work has been crazy - mostly in a good way -
and when I get home at night, the introvert in me just wants to sit and read a book
- and maybe play a little candy crush...

Anyway - I'd like to share a few random things that made me smile this week

My niece, Molly, receiving her college diploma from her dad - my brother-in-law, Jim
Way to go, Molly!
(I stole borrowed this photo from my sister-in-law's facebook - Thanks, Deb - please don't sue me)

We had beautiful weather this week, and I traded the cacophony of treadmills
for a serenade of bird chirps - and gobble-gobble-gobble

The latest pic from Maggie - back in the North!
Yeah - she's pretty excited about the availability of
Dunkies iced coffee

I sound like a broken record when I mention how much I despise my daily commute -
but, thank you to the Mass DOT for putting a smile on my face yesterday morning.
And - yes, I always use my blinkah - but only at the last possible second, because -
every Bostonian knows, that a blinker is really a signal to the drivers in the other lane to quickly fill in the gaps to prevent your lane change...

Tulips!! :-)

So - today is Mommy-daughter day with my youngest, and tomorrow I look forward to an afternoon with my Mom and sister and the MFA in Boston.

And - that's my week in a nutshell.
What has you smiling this week?

I'd like to wish a very happy Mother's day to all
mothers, aunts, and caregivers!!


  1. Glad to see that Maggie is doing well. Have a great day with your daughter today. Nice tulips. Too funny about the Turkey. We have a lone one wandering around here. Thankfully driving isn't that bad around here, except that it is Tulip Time so we just stay away from town.

  2. Maggie and friend at the Mason Dixon line is pretty awesome and they don't look worn out as I probably would :-) I've been away from English too long I had to think about the blinkah for a tad too long. sweet Turkey and lovely tulips and garden statues/art..nice seeing your Spring has arrived!

  3. You had lots to smile about this week! I saw the sign "Use yah blinkah" on TV the other day. Made me smile too.
    Have a fun day with your daughter today and your mother tomorrow!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you too! Lots of things made me smile this week, mainly the contagious excitement of our daughter, who is so anxiously counting down the days to June 7---her wedding day!!!.......and then my oldest sister and I threw an awesome surprise birthday bash for another sister last night and it went off like clockwork--Yay us!!! I also had a BIG SMILE when I read your blog---love that Boston accent that I could almost hear when I saw the "Blinkah" photo---ha ha it!!!!

  5. i saw that traffic sign on brian williams' news last night. made me smile, too. :) congrats to your niece! yay for turkeys and bird song! enjoy your family time, dear karen!

  6. Hi Karen, Great to catch up with you. A friend from Boston once told me never to make contact with other Boston drivers - be on the offensive is what he advised! Happy to see Maggi - she looks happy. What stories she'll have. Happy Mothers Day to you!

  7. i heard about that sign on the news ... i know i have a southern VA country accent ... but nothing compared to those northern folks ... they really do make you smile, i love it!! wow, Congrats to the graduate. that is awesome, what a great honor & accomplishment. speaking of turkeys i woke up the other day to a turkey alarm clock ... a real turkey in our yard. i thought i was dreaming??! but it was so real. wild times!!! ( :

  8. Great series of shots, love the tulips, so colorful!

  9. Those tulips are just gorgeous.

  10. I saw that blinkeh on the news--made me smile, too! Kudos to your daughter for making it this far on the Trail! And congrats to your niece. I hope you enjoyed your day with family and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. You have a heavy crop of tulips!

  12. All the photos are great Karen, but the tulips are stunning. Happy graduation to your niece.

  13. Seems there is a series of happiness to cheer and cherish! Beautiful photos… have lovely moments with your daughter, mother and sister…

    Mother’s Day wishes to you and all :)

  14. I liked your smiles . . . niece Molly and her dad, gobble, gobble, the flashing blinker sign, exciting to see your daughter in her "end of the line" photo and the tulips were yum! Enjoy momma's day today!

  15. And a Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Karen. Your way of spending it sounds like a wonderful get together and outing. Enjoyed the road sign and agree on the mentality of some drivers. And, yes it is so easy to fall behind in posting and reading, but nothing to stress about. Reading a boom at night is my choice as well. Congrats to your niece and Maggie looks like she is having fun.

  16. Haha, my guy and I cracked up over the MassDOT sign. We were driving this weekend and I immediately pointed it out. Very clever, DOT :)

  17. omgoodness....i laughed so hard at the blinkah sign and your interpretation of what it means!! soooooo true!!

    your entries are always filled with fun, joy and a great sense of humor. yours that is!!!

  18. Great collection of photos Karen.

  19. How exciting for Molly as she enters this new chapter in her life. So awesome. Love the turkey shot :)

  20. Maggie looks happy- what an adventurer! I do like your humor about the blinker...that happens here too when traffic is heavy..very annoying. Have a great weekend!

  21. Haha, we were warned about using a blink ah and making eye contact with drivers in Boston. So your post made me smile! Hm, what else this week? A compliment from my art instructor, boxing lessons, my dogs and my kitties, and probably best of all, my son finally found a job! Whoot! Whoot!

  22. HA You had me smiling this week with your shot of the "Use yah Blinka" sign lol
    Oh there was once a day I had that commute ~ and I NEVER miss the headache UGH ~
    but I must say I do enjoy the now occasional visit to Boston.


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