away for the weekend: computer crashes and weekends

Saturday, April 19, 2014

computer crashes and weekends

It's confirmed -  my computer crashed
and we're going to have to start all over.
Darn those Microsoft updates! (to put it very nicely...)
It's a good thing Greg is very patient with this sort of thing-
because - if it was up to me, by the time I finished throwing my tantrum diligently working on fixing it,
there would be too many tiny jagged pieces to bother with.

Anyway - it promises to be a beautiful Spring weekend in New England
- ending with the Boston Marathon on Monday

We'll be rebuilding my computer - which means I get to reload Photoshop all over again
 and organize my photos all . over . again.

So when I get to these,
I'll be filing them under "Things that keep me up at Night"

or maybe "Things that keep my hair stylist in business"

And it would seem that my
is now somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley, having hiked more than 750 miles - so far.

And here I thought that the whole crocs-as-camp shoes thing would have her running home
 for a Tory Burch fix long before now.
It just goes to show you - Mom doesn't always know everything.
Please don't tell my kids I said that...

I hope you have a fun filled weekend planned!


  1. How annoying, frustrating, time consuming to have to start all over don't have a backup?
    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoying the outdoors and your camera.

    1. Yes - I have all my files backed up, but when I reload photoshop, I think I will have to retag everything. I'd be pleasantly surprised to be wrong about that :-)

  2. I wish your hiker wouldn't sit on edges like that :-(,though they do make for fantastic shots, hope the weather is always like this for them. Happy Easter to you and your family :-).

  3. I feel for you and all the work you have ahead. Ouch! What an amazing adventure your girl is on, so cool!

  4. Wow, good for your daughter to hike that much. I love hiking and don't do it often enough. Good luck on the computer fix.

  5. Perhaps your Windows PC needs a replacement to a Mac...just a thought. i also have an older desktop PC that lets me know whenever it funs a maintenance scan that the hard drive could fail. Files are backed up to an external drive and if and when it fails, it will be replaced. I already have a Macbook Air so am getting used to not using a PC. Glad to read that your daughter and Leonora's as well continue to enjoy an amazing adventure.

  6. What a beautiful view your daughter is seeing! Although the mother in me is screaming...BACK UP! So sorry about your computer. My old one was crashing and I just bought a new one. I understand the feeling of starting all over. I'm too old to learn these new gadgets!!

  7. " Mom doesn't always know everything" what?:) Your daughter sounds like she knows exactly what she is doing and enjoying her life in nature I admire that, she is going to be fine. Now that computer thing I am sorry yes a hammer would be what I would have been giving a small tap with:) never works though. You are lucky you have someone that knows what they are doing.
    The Boston Marathon is going to be incredible. Take care. BTW the photos your daughter has and will be coming home with will be priceless. AWESOME shots. Hug B

  8. Your daughter has your adventurous spirit for travel !
    Have a great weekend my fellow New Englander.
    Boston strong .

  9. She's at McAffee's Knob in the photos! That's here!
    Chelsea is taking six "zero" days for the weekend and I'm doing a happy dance.
    Sorry about your computer. Tantrum doesn't even begin to describe how I would react to such an occurrence.

  10. I know you are so proud of her! Sorry about your crash..we've gone through so many here I barely blink at them anymore.

  11. What a wonderful experience your daughter is having! Sorry about the computer crash. I know how frustrating it is. Mine crashed last fall. I have things backed up on an external drive now.
    Many Easter Blessings to you.

  12. glad your daughter is doing so well in her adventure! good luck with the computer re-build! ugh!

  13. well holy moly, she is right down the road from me! how neat! sorry about your computer, that's a pain! have a happy easter :)

  14. oohhhh computers, love em', hate em', can't live without em'!!

    and WoW, your girl is adventurous!!

  15. Very sorry about your computer crashes... I used to come across system crashes before I shift to laptop, but now I experience no problem such. Those are wonderful photos overlooking valley

  16. Oh I am so sorry about the computer is extremely frustrating and time consuming. Happy to hear that the hiking daughter is doing well

  17. When my computer goes, I'll know where to come for advice. Happy Easter! Have a great week end.

  18. So sorry to hear about your computer but glad to see pix of the girl getting to know herself!...:)JP

  19. Good luck and have fun rebuilding your computer! Have a great Easter!

  20. Shenandoah Valley is my stomping around - or i was raised there. gorgeous area!! super awesome. have a happy Easter! ( :

  21. Hi Karen, so sorry to hear about your computer dilemma. Your photos are lovely. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada...Happy Easter!

  22. Must be the week. My PC died unexpectedly as well.

  23. Yuk. So much of these updates and new apps are unnecessary but then I'm so old fashioned I still go on theory "if it ain't broke don't fix it....

  24. Wow, those photos make me dizzy! My condolences over your computer. Probably won't help now (and you would probably throw a croc at me if you had one handy) but have you ever considered a Mac?

  25. Glad she's still doing great! Lovely photo. Yeah, sometimes we can be wrong...but they don't have to know that! :-)

  26. I've been wondering how she's doing - it seems she's just fine! I don't want to comment on the computer crash. It might bring me bad luck... I love the trail photos - grand vistas!

  27. It's too bad you didn't have backups of the files that you lost when your computer crashed. Honestly speaking, if I were to lose my files, I would've thrown a fit as well. Hahaha! Good thing Greg was beside you to help you cope with it. Anyway, make sure to keep your files stored in a hard drive, now that you know how it feels like to lose them. All the best! :)

    Lillian Walker @ TaylorWorks


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