away for the weekend: door county, wisconsin

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

door county, wisconsin

So - I mentioned last week that Chicago-daughter and I took a little road trip
- a girls weekend -
to Door County, Wisconsin.
I don't get out to Chicago to visit nearly as often as I would like to
 (love visiting that city!)
but this time, we opted for a little get-away.

The town of Fish Creek is situated on the Green  Bay side of the peninsula -
we did a little shopping and meandering -
mostly meandering...
and enjoying the whimsy.

Driving along the coast,

we found charming lighthouses,

still a little Fall foliage,
(which I made Chicago-daughter pose in front of)

and a beautiful coastline that I suspect many of my East Coast friends would find
a bit surprising.

And that's not to mention the apple orchards, wineries and fantastic cheese
(Yes, Vermont, you have a rival there...)

I'm always a little sad flying out of Chicago, 
and this time - a little more so.
I'm happy to say that Chicago-daughter plans to head back East at the end of December,
but the Midwesterner in me loved my occasional Heartland fix.
And I am so glad we decided to take this little trip.


  1. I recognized 3 of your photos. I'm glad you had a nice time there it's my favorite spot in Wisconsin to visit. I'm glad you got to have your Heartland fix :))

  2. The only time I've been to WI was to Lake Geneva for a conference. It was October, I recall, and just lovely.

    You daughter is lovely - enjoyed the pictures.

  3. what great mother/daughter time that was! i can see you in her! beautiful photos!

  4. Lovely photo of your daughter.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  5. Lovely pictures Karen and your daughter is so pretty ! Glad you enjoyed the girly getaway :)

  6. Beautiful pictures Karen! I have to admit to being partial to the picture of Chicago-daughter. I need a copy :-)

  7. i am always homesick for the heartland. :) until winter hits, usually.

    your daughter is beautiful.

  8. What a beautiful daughter you have! I loved Door County when I was there. The shopping was so fun as was seeing the lighthouses.

  9. What a wonderful weekend you had. Your daughter looks like a sweetheart. You can always come visit me in Michigan, I will take you on some adventures.

  10. sounds like a wonderful little trip, always best spend with family!!

    your daughter is beautiful, what a gorgeous smile she has!!

  11. Chicago is a beautiful city and the area is very pleasant. I go there to visit my Chicago daughter who will probably spend the rest of her life there.

  12. Looks and sounds like a fun getaway! The trees look beautiful and it seems like there's a lot to see while strolling through Fish Creek. Great photos!

  13. Beautiful shots, and you have a lovely daughter!

  14. Pretty, pretty! Beautiful daughter. Looks like a lovely getaway.

  15. What pretty scenery - it does look very much like New England with the autumn colors and watery views. I love that panther on the wall. Your daughter is lovely. xo Karen

  16. I loved the whimsy, the quaint simplicity of the lighthouse, and that coastline says New England more to me than Wisconsin.
    Your lovely daughter has your smile.
    A very pleasant post Karen!

  17. Looks like a great weekend you had, your daughter is pretty.

  18. Wonderful times to remember and a quite fetching daughter you have. Guess that means you won't be coming my way any longer....drats!!

  19. I love that she's your Chicago daughter. She's beautiful and your pics are too. :)

  20. Chicago Daughter is Gorgeous...Fish Creek is lovely and quaint, wonderful shots. .

  21. Road trips are always fun and even better with family.

  22. That does look like a nice road trip to take.

    As for Chicago, I love it in the's so cold in the winter! We've had to walk backwards it was so cold when visiting in the winter. :)

  23. First, I must say that you have a lovely daughter! I have always wanted to visit Door County, Wisconsin and your pictures make me want to go even more! Just beautiful! Twyla

  24. That's how I feel whenever I go back home (well, my first home, anyway) to California. I'm glad you had a chance to get your midwestern fix. What a lovely photo of your daughter, who is gorgeous!

  25. Your daughter looks like a brunette version of you! She's beautiful. That trip was awesome - so many scenic landscapes.

  26. Lovely photos---beautiful daughter :o)


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