away for the weekend: june flowers

Thursday, June 14, 2012

june flowers

One of the drawbacks of going away on weekends is that feeling of always running behind on things to be done at home. I'm a little late this year planting my window boxes.

Last Sunday was one of those truly beautiful June days that we sometimes get here in New England. I enjoyed a weekend at home planting and puttering. I'm keeping my windowboxes low maintenance this year - impatiens, million bells and some spiky plants for height.

It will be a while before they fill in enough to enjoy. In the meantime, my perennials are enjoying our mild year.

My fringed bleeding hearts have been reliable bloomer every year

I transplanted the foxglove last fall and am so happy to see them bloom in their new location

These are Endless Summer hydrangeas. In the past they've been a more vibrant blue - but I think I'm liking this soft muted color.

And - for an added splash of color, I made a wreath for our front door.

Wishing you all a happy, colorful June!

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  1. Your pictures are lovely! Love that fringed bleeding heart, it is beautiful!! Love the cat in the window!!!

  2. My husband's father was from Vermont and a year ago we finally got to visit the old home place. I had never been to New England before and visiting in the Fall, it was exceptionally beautiful. You have such a nice weekend place. :)

  3. It is this time of the year I wish I lived further north - so many gorgeous flowers blooming - Is that a perennial geranium? Love all your gorgeous blooms and the mosaic - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. Thank you for hosting. I don't always have a post to share, but usually follow along. Yes, I think that's a geranium, but I moved so many last year that I wasn't sure. Thanks for your kind comment.

  4. Hi Karen,

    I miss living in Vermont which is such a beautiful place. Your flowers are gorgeous as well as the beautiful wreath you created.

  5. Hi Karen! I love the wreath on your front door, The bleeding heart and of course your lovely mosaic. Thank you for sharing.


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