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Monday, May 14, 2012

projects, projects, and more projects!!!

We've been busy - graduations, Mother's Day, yard work, birthdays - yep, it's Spring - and here in New England that means that it's also time to start shedding all those heavy layers. Maybe that's why I'm also having this overwhelming desire to shed all my possessions. Okay, maybe not all of them - but seriously, where did all this STUFF come from?

I have been in a Spring Cleaning frenzy - and honestly - it feels fan-tab-ulous!
I think I might have a book obsession
I can keep these - right?

Okay - the textbooks can go!

I'm really liking my less cluttered home - except - now I'm noticing all the things that I've been putting off…. Sigh...
 I mean yipee! - Projects!!

I'm going to be busy for a while...

I use this desk for sewing - and since I don't sew very often, it works just fine. It's in pretty good shape, but I'm dying to experiment with chalk paint. This looks like a good victim -

and then there is this mirror. It was a wedding present many years ago. I really like it (and it's certainly useful), but the gold is dated and really doesn't go in this room. I'm thinking this might fun to play with -

and then I thought I was taking a picture of one project - but the reflection in the mirror reveals two more -
a bedframe that should be refinished and prints that need frames -

and then there's this wicker chair that has been sitting in our garage. It's a little worn, but with some paint and a new cushion, it will be perfect for one of the guestrooms at Away.

And then -
my fireplace mantel needs a serious update and I have a cedar chest that needs refinishing and I want to change the color of just about every room in my house and my living room needs new window treatments and I need to plant my window boxes and I need to add a few more perennials to my flower beds and I'm still working on the bathroom at Away and......

I need a nap -

and then I'll get busy

Thanks for dropping in!

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